"When will you play in (insert European city)?"

I find it extremely gratifying that so many people ask me,

"WHEN WILL YOU PLAY IN (insert name of a European city here)?"

...because frankly, it simply means that there are people in Europe that like my music and that is a wonderful thing.  I have never toured Europe for the simple reason that I really don't have many connections there.  I don't have a label there nor a booking agent either.  I've played a few shows in the UK and once in Oslo, Norway. But sadly that is all so far.

This needs to change! And believe me when I say that I would really like to add more European cities to my schedule (there is presently a short UK tour planned for July, 2011).  I hope to return to Oslo and when I do, I will try my best to add a show in Denmark or Sweden or both.  In short, if you live in Europe and you'd like to see a how happen near you, bug your local promoters.  You might know who I am, but they may not.  Also, press helps. So if you are a European journalist, let's do an interview. The more exposure there is in Europe, the better the chances of booking shows there.  Together I'm sure we can do this.

And in the meantime, sign up for the mailing list so when I do book a show near you, you'll know about it.


George October 01, 2013 @07:48 am
It would be absolutly awesome to see you in Austria. Me and a bunch of my friends would love to have you here sometime!
Dina August 01, 2013 @04:25 am
Knocked my socks off with kneogedlw!
Renske July 20, 2013 @10:51 pm
It would be so awesome if you played in the Netherlands or Belgium one day! I would love to go and I'm sure a lot of other people would too.
Kim January 17, 2013 @04:04 am
It would be so AWESOME if you could come to Denmark, there is a festival called Copenhell Refshaleøen Copenhagen (http://copenhell.dk/). And the crowd there would go wild if you could show up, but unfortunately I don’t have anything much to say. Who can play there, but the producers behind it is open for suggestions. I hope it’s something you would think about, for the sake of the Danish fans you have.
Shannon Wallace December 14, 2012 @02:51 pm
WheN will you come to Glasgow?! Me and all my friends patiently await you, holding our much coveted CDs, ready to leap on stage when you walk out :D
Greet August 13, 2012 @02:32 pm
Hi, i am from Belgium and i love your music and i thinking there are a lot of belgian people who like to hear you play xd
Swaja May 10, 2012 @05:48 am
I don't see any Germans here. We love you too, Voltaire! We even have your "Death Death Devil Devil Evil Evil Song" in our theatre group.^^ Would you like to visit Dresden and come to our Convention?
Secret Dark Goth. March 17, 2012 @06:23 pm
Voltaire, PLEASE SOME DAY COME TO COPENHAGEN, DENMARK!!! it would be sooooo awesome!!!!
Paige February 25, 2012 @03:04 am
ok heres the deal mister Voltaire YOU NEED TO PLAY IN AUSTRALIA mainly BRISBANE >.< annnnnnnnnnnd on a side note you have one hell of an awesome first name im serious i fell in love with your first name lol anyway come to australia and play in BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND!!!!!!!!! >.< PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Jkar February 06, 2012 @05:59 pm
Well, you can mark Poland on your "Places in Europe my fans live" map... ; P ; )
Izabella Szarka January 25, 2012 @12:54 pm
The main problem is nobody know him in Middle-Europa expect those people who are playing AQWorld. So what should we do? Every year in the capital of Hungary there is a seven day long festival called Sziget. Here is the link: http://www.sziget.hu/festival_english In this page, you can choose your favourit bands with the wishmachine. I know a lot of university students coming every year in the Sziget: from Hungary, but different countries to like Germany, Poland, Austria etc. A lot of singer there with different tipe music. So what do you think Mr.Voltaire?
Lies December 05, 2011 @12:20 pm
When do you come to holland? My son loves your songs very much!!!
Not Saying! :P October 29, 2011 @12:34 pm
I contacted the Burnavon in Cookstown today.... I might be able to slip a little spot in there for you... It's in Northern Ireland... Co. Tyrone...
Kaheliini September 15, 2011 @11:19 pm
As many have said before me, it would be totally awesome if you could some day come here to Finland. I would NOT miss it :D
Sara August 29, 2011 @05:46 pm
you're absolutly awesome and i would love to see you in portugal...
Sjotland August 19, 2011 @04:44 pm
Luna I don't say he hasn't many fans over here... I just say I don't know any!
Lauren Moses August 18, 2011 @06:41 pm
Oh no! I was in Camden around that time! Ahhh dang it! I'll catch you next time! Signed up for the emails and will be keeping my eyes peeled. Thank you very much for getting back to me! Keep being awesome!
VOLTAIRE August 18, 2011 @11:22 am
Lauren, I'm sorry to say, but I was JUST there and you missed it. I played at the Purple Turtle in Camden on July 22nd. I figure it will be about a year before I return for another show. Go to www.voltaire.net and sign up for the mailing list. That way you'll always know when I'm playing near you. Voltaire
Lauren Moses August 18, 2011 @11:13 am
Please, please, please come to London at some point! You have a ton of fans over here Voltaire! It would be absolutely amazing if I got the chance to see you perform live. After discovering who you are, you've become most likely my biggest role model.
DareDuck August 14, 2011 @03:28 am
I agree with Stine Busk, Sjotland and Luna. I also from Denmark and it would be so awesome if you could perform here, cause as Stine Busk, Sjotland and Luna alos says, we are many here in Denmark who enjoys your music =)
Pinklespork August 02, 2011 @06:58 pm
How about Australia? Come to Brisbane! I promise we're not flooded anymore...mostly
Aisling July 24, 2011 @01:11 pm
It would be really awesome if you did more tours in England, because I've missed the U.K date near me :(
Stine Busk July 18, 2011 @05:23 am
Would be awesome if you could perform in Denmark, and it's really amazing to read comments like Luna's and Sjotland's. Now I know that there are a lot of danish peeps, who enjoy your music.
Voltaire July 11, 2011 @03:08 am
Makka, you are absolutely correct. I will start a thread about that right now.
Makka July 11, 2011 @03:02 am
Me sumo a la persona anterior. What about Latin American countries? You have quite a lot of fans here as well, but we don't see you mentioning anything about us! I kinda feel rejected. JK :D
Necrissa June 27, 2011 @02:08 am
Entiendo muy bien la situación en la cual un músico no pueda tocar donde quiera... pero considera además, que CHILE TE AMA VOLTAIRE!!! :D Lo cual no cambiará nunca. Sonrisas para ti querido ( :
Luna June 19, 2011 @05:28 pm
I will have to disagree with the comment from "Sjotland". You have alot of fans here in Denmark, and since we don't really have a varying music scene, all of your danish fans - including myself - would be forever gratefull if you had a gig here!
Sjotland June 17, 2011 @03:51 am
It would be freaking awesome to see you in Denmark!!! The youngest ( I am actually pretty young myself) music taste sucks so it would be awesome to show them what real music are!!! Well okay the only one I know in Denmark who listen to your music is me and my sister and some of her freinds... and thats sad... BECAUSE YOU'RE FREAKING AWESOME! ...
helsinki June 03, 2011 @02:13 pm
How a bout in finland...the coldest place on earth..well almost i mean.....Well anyway you get my pont..i hope....TO THE LAPLAND
Ola May 28, 2011 @05:16 pm
Can you try to book a show on the Tønsberg messe(the Tønsberg fair) next year? Oh, and by the way:F**k Sweden!!! Sorry for the language, we norwegians has always had a problem with Sweden.
Annica May 25, 2011 @03:49 pm
come to Sweden and play some day :) love youre music and would realy want to see you perform live some day ^^
Eris May 18, 2011 @06:04 pm
Frankly, I feel discriminated. South America exists and it isn't a dessert filled with wild animals and people dying in hunger. You need to come here! There are lots of people on South American countries willing to attend one of your shows!
Phoene May 17, 2011 @02:10 pm
It would be so wonderful to see you in France one day... But infortunately, many of french people have horrible taste in music (and I'm not saying this because I'm the only one who listens to Voltaire at school. A lot of 'em are listening 50 cent, or worse). But I still hope to go to one of your shows!
Mooney May 17, 2011 @11:51 am
If only in the UK there was a show in Yorkshire that wasn't a festival!
krapula May 17, 2011 @11:23 am
How about Finland?
Eoghan Kennedy Mulvenna May 17, 2011 @11:20 am
I know you do shows in England but would it ever be possible in the future for you to do a show in Scotland
Odd May 17, 2011 @10:18 am
How are you going to do a short European tour and be in NYC teaching a class every Thursday all in the month of July? I thought my commute was going to be bad!
Mitchell Adams May 17, 2011 @07:07 am
I do Media Diploma and I live in Dagenham... if we could interview I could get my teachers to broadcast the interview over the Southern Consortium, although, most fans will be students, I'm sure lots of teachers will become fans, too!
Vomit May 17, 2011 @06:57 am
It would be wonderful if you played here in Finland some day. I'd definately be there!
VOLTAIRE May 17, 2011 @06:39 am
Saskia, that's right. I have shows in London and York, England that weekend. I would have LOVED to play in Belgium and I hope we can do it another time.
Saskia May 17, 2011 @06:36 am
A friend of mine bugged the organiser of Shadowplay in Belgium, I heard you couldn't make it. :( I still hope to see you in Belgium one day!
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