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Thomas D. December 04, 2018 @02:24 pm
Hello Voltaire.. I am getting into stop motion filmmaking and have a plethora of ideas, but I do not want to complicate myself for my first film. What would be a good length of a movie for a beginner? Also any other things you can suggest for making stop motion films? Thanks V!
Thomas D. December 04, 2018 @02:23 pm
Hello Voltaire.. I am getting into stop motion filmmaking and have a plethora of ideas, but I do not want to complicate myself for my first film. What would be a good length of a movie for a beginner? Also any other things you can suggest for making stop motion films? Thanks V!
Vroare September 17, 2018 @02:08 pm
i was wondering, what advice would you give a person who's struggling with many insecurities?
amy July 02, 2018 @12:55 pm
How do you become so cool? also hi orville!
Ryan July 02, 2018 @06:13 am
Will you ever send naked pics for the begging fan girls??? Cause you know everyone's got a kink
Ryan July 02, 2018 @06:11 am
Will you ever send naked pics for the begging fan girls??? Cause you know everyone's got a kink
Ruby April 19, 2018 @08:04 am
Will you ever come to China?
Mohamed February 25, 2018 @04:39 pm
Have you ever considered doing a cover for Friend Like Me, Grim Grinning Ghosts, The Headless Horseman Song, or Minnie the Moocher?
Gleb January 26, 2018 @10:07 am
Did you saw Daria Cohev's animations? Did you liked them?
Bill Cipher November 27, 2017 @03:34 pm
Hello, random cartoon question! I know you did music for Billy and Mandy, which I have yet to see, but funny enough, it was actually the cartoon Villainous that led me to find out about your works! My question is, have you ever seen Villainous and would you make music for it if Alan Ituriel actually asked you? I think it would really fit the dark aesthetic of the show, even though music choices for it are out of my power to really influence...
Shau'Rae Longden November 12, 2017 @06:51 am
How did you come up with the lyrics to Mechanical Girl?
Gamzee motherfuckin Makara May 10, 2017 @08:14 am
I'm pretty sure that deep down you knew this day was coming, so let's get this over with: you like sci-fi, you like disturbing things. Let me tell you about Homestuck. I feel like it's the perfect level of gays in space for you to appreciate it :3
Jason Thomas Hollis April 18, 2017 @04:31 pm
Are you a Christian?
Lance January 17, 2017 @02:00 am
hi Voltaire. i really do hope you still do these, because i am quite in need of an answer. in short i have always wanted to be a musician. the only problem, well, problems, are one: my voice. which, although i sing quite in tune, is just a very unusual.. accent. two: my outward self. it's not that i care about my looks, but more about my ability to appear shy and from there mess up on stage out of habit of hearing people telling me i can't perform if i have stage fright. which i don't. i just somehow appear like a very anxious person. three: my lack of instrumental ability, friends, and money. i own a ukulele, but i can't even play THAT very correctly. i've tried to get people who i considered friends to help me with the instrument part of it, but they don't really like my vision and my taste in music. plus i don't have much money to spend so i wouldn't be able to pay them anyway. please make a response video, i would really quite appreciate it. thank you, by the way, for making such good music.
Bianca December 24, 2016 @07:46 am
Good day man, I'm an Italian student and I'm searching a Violin music sheet for the song "When you're Evil", because my frend is playing in our school band, called "DesamBand", and she's searching those sheet... they could pay the SIA (I don't remind how to write it, it's something like "copyright", you this know better than me, so sorry). Thank you so much for yours attention, can you write me back to this e-mail, please? I hope to hear from you soon, Bianca Roggero
Melinda Sanders December 12, 2016 @02:45 pm
when did you grow your hair past shoulder length, and did you ever wear hair extensions before then? Also did you ever play at a bar named Live in Greenville NC maybe around 2008 or 2009?
HelenaMurdescene September 28, 2016 @05:31 pm
Hi Voltaire, are you going to make more guitar tutorials? I would really love to hear what's behind some of your songs (specially the old ones) and learn how to play them. Also, I would like to let you know that your music is pure poetry and it is such a big inspiration for my art, just like you are to me as a person. I hope to see you soon in Europe, it would be more than amazing. Love from Italy, Helena.
TheDude September 27, 2016 @04:47 am
is there even the slightest chance you might come to lebanon (in the western asia) ?
Maria from Houston April 11, 2016 @08:13 pm
Being a Cuban immigrant, what is your opinion on the subject?
Juliana December 15, 2015 @07:18 pm
Hi Voltaire. I´m a big fan of you. I love your songs and my favourite one is ``when you´re evil´´. I would like to know where did you get all that inspiration to you´r songs because you´re really cool. I would like to meet you, it´s my dream. By the way im fiftheen years old and i think you´re freaking awesome cool. Where can i buy your cds here in portugal? Thank you.
RabidSquirrel November 27, 2015 @05:55 pm
You have an air of authenticity around you that I find very intriguing. You've mentioned being bullied as a kid multiple times. Do you have any advice for other formally bullied people on moving past the bullying and not internalizing what they've said? Sometimes it's really hard when I realize that most people will always think like the bullies did, they've just learned how to be more polite about it to my face. There is some truth to what they said, and I'll probably never have any friends, but I just can't help but be me, weird as I am. You really seem like someone who just can't help but be you, so I wondered if you had any thoughts.
Wednessday October 04, 2015 @10:25 pm
Dear Voltaire, Now I think this comment section is actually for the last ask Voltaire episode, but whatever, I have a question. I have a huge crush on you. It's ridiculous. I think you have got to be one of the Sexiest most attractive men alive. But I think you are to old for me :( (not that I'm calling you old, I am just very young). My question is, what is your suggestion?
Ace September 11, 2015 @04:16 am
Did "Dirtiest Song That Ain't" ever get on the radio?
DJesus August 21, 2015 @06:20 am
Have you ever thought coming in Greece?
Ali West August 03, 2015 @08:25 am
Can you make a joke abut bat and goth and penguin in Iraq?.
W.Kremer III June 26, 2015 @11:59 am
Caught Your Show At The 31st Street Pub In Pgh. Pa. 2015 Really Good Show Really Fun And Entertaining... Anyway My Question Is Has It Ever Gotten Ugly Between You an A Heckler Like Down To A Physical Fight Or Has It Ever Gotten Dangerous? Just Asking Because Of How Well You Handle "Dave" The Rude Guy From Pgh... P.S. It was Stellar The Way You Handled That Guy... See ya Next Tour...
Grimmix June 14, 2015 @04:54 am
Dear Voltaire, I love your songs and I was wondering if you knew where I can learn how to play them on an electrical bass guitar. P.S. I read your Paint It Black book, It was Goth-tastic. :D
Gabe Burch May 08, 2015 @03:17 am
Dear Voltaire Would you ever consider making a Christmas album. I love your song "Santa Claus is Satan" and "Coming Out For Christmas" and "The Night Before Black Mass" are also great, and I'm sure if you set out to write a Christmas album, you'd make it sick and twisted and awesome! Like instead of singing about baby Jesus, you could sing about the baby Antichrist , or something like that Lot of love from Oklahoma City!
Chalchiuhtona Pastrana-Gomez March 25, 2015 @01:15 am
Hello there Mr.Voltaire! umm. I've been a fan of yours for a while now and am SUPER excited to be sending you a fan letter... like.. never thought I would do that.. anyways. Even if you don't read this (cuz I guess you're busy doing Voltaire stuff right?) it still would be cool to send this electronic letter of mine. So, I recently had this dream of you. ( I know, weird right?) and you were wearing all white and sat in this grand velvet red chair and you were like, super cool and nice and you ate spaghetti and then you talked to me and I was like hey man and then you whispered something (can't remember what it was) and then I woke up. and yeah. The End. haha. Farewell.. *exits awkwardness*
Sherai or Sheray February 18, 2015 @07:44 pm
How lobg has it been since you ever had a vacation because you need it and I'm concerned.
Bella February 08, 2015 @02:10 am
I must ask, will there ever be Voltaire action figures that fans can buy? I don't have the time, skill, or materials to create a custom one myself. So...um...yeah...Love your music and I can't wait for the next album!
Ivannoselbartos January 31, 2015 @07:50 am
Voltaire I had a really interesting question for you! why do you have Illuminati on your key? Do you know thins we don't know or do you want to know things we don't know..... You are truly evil
La Corbie November 22, 2014 @04:37 pm
Was there a definite point in your life when you feel you made the transition from "pretty man with a guitar" to "Actual Real Life Musician"? Have you ever been insecure about yourself as an artist, and how do you overcome that?
Caitilin November 21, 2014 @08:57 pm
Have you considered selling sheet music for your songs? I would buy both piano on violin renditions.
Zaky Don November 15, 2014 @04:36 pm
I am a big FAN !!! (#1 fan) Will you come in Romania ? and if you come can we drink a cup of wine at "Excalibur" ? (a viking-medieval-ish restaurant)
Kristian R October 29, 2014 @08:53 am
Discuss your musical influences and inspirations drawn from your first solo album
litle girl October 19, 2014 @09:39 am
what is your song "never" about?
oOKingofJestOo October 07, 2014 @12:03 pm
Ive asked on another page but ill ask here. Your Music and lifestyle has inspired me to write a fictional musical with your songs. do I have you permission to do so. when its finished I would gladly sent it to you for approval.
Tommy September 03, 2014 @10:40 pm
Would you try to make the trip and play in Wichita ks? That would be awesome if you could.
Mary Carole July 28, 2014 @05:05 am
Hahaha! I have been running around like a madwoman trying to get this question answered and I had no clue where to ask it so I have left it in multiple places. Please don't think poorly of mefor that! Anywhoozle on to the question. Where did you meet and/or acquire Mr. Deadenbacher? I would love to know the story of your meeting!
Cheyenne Klein July 24, 2014 @08:16 pm
How can you stand Orvile Deadnbacker for so long? im just curious to know. Also if Chi chan had a live action movie who do you think should play Chi can?
Elacia July 21, 2014 @01:14 pm
Every year in Chicago is the zombie run basicly you get chased bay people dressed as the undead but it's like a marathon for charity.bands play at the end i wondered if this interested you for next october since this would be short notice. please make the age 18 ill be thatt old thanks
MelvsGrimm June 22, 2014 @02:16 am
Greeting Voltaire, I know I've Asked this Question Already but posted it on the Wrong page, I didn't Know where to ask questions and Accidentally Put it somewhere else, so People might think this is a Spam (so Sorry), But I have a Question, Where do you get Inspiration for your Songs? Because I also want to Write songs within the lines of Steampunk and Goth, And Do you have any advice?
Z June 12, 2014 @03:05 pm
I really liked the commentary videos you put on your Youtube channel for "To the Bottom of the Sea". Is there any chance you might do that sort of thing for another album someday?
Brandon May 07, 2014 @08:15 pm
I want to know if I can recommend you coming to Corinth Mississippi for a concert
Nigma April 26, 2014 @02:02 pm
Hello, I would like to ask you, which colors do you like except Black?
Aneirin (ah-nye-rin) April 08, 2014 @06:00 pm
Why are some of your albums available only on Google Play while others are iTunes exclusive? Riding a Black Unicorn... (iTunes) for example and Raised by Bats (Google Play).
Mitsuki April 03, 2014 @10:01 pm
Would you be willing to lend your voice to a Vocaloid (or an UTAUloid). I would totally buy Voltaireloid. I know it's a weird question but your voice would be immortalized and I could see a new Vocatone Engloid using your voice... It would be amazing. *_*
Morticia D'Lacrua March 27, 2014 @02:40 pm
Can you see yourself working with musical artists such as Andy from Black Veil Brides, or Mana from Moi dix Mois/ Malice Mizer and working on an album with them? Or drawing talents like Jhonen Vasquez (the creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and Invader Zim) and working on a comic together?
NightRocker218 March 07, 2014 @04:43 pm
Hi, I love your music especially the violin parts of your songs. I am now learning to play the violin as a school project and I wanted to know if there was anywhere I could go to get a hold of sheet music for the violin in your songs. I'm mainly looking for four. "Ravens Land", "Ex-lover's Lovers", "The Headless Waltz", and "When You're Evil". Thank you so much! Good luck on your newest album.
Anony-moose February 17, 2014 @11:38 am
What made you want to make your country album, Hate Lives in a Small Town?
wade ziah February 11, 2014 @01:08 pm
what kind of guitar do you use? and what would you like to see in the future for yourself?
Krabman February 10, 2014 @08:17 pm
Hey Voltaire! Q1: Have you heard of Emilie Autumn? If yes, do you like her style/music? Q2: Any chances for a Polish gig?
NiftyMoth February 08, 2014 @01:22 am
Have you ever thought of doing something with your Adventure Quest Worlds promotions? Such as a Voltaire shop or armor/weapons/accessories in that shop?
Rissa January 31, 2014 @12:04 pm
Hey. Questions that has nothing to do with your work: Do you watch "The Mentalist"? (It would be cool to have someone like you even remotely interested in my latest obsession) IF you don't know what that show's about, /PLEASE/ say nothing. Thank you.
Asher Brautigam January 29, 2014 @05:47 pm
Meep? What is the answer?
Nicholas January 22, 2014 @12:41 am
Hello Voltaire! How are you? I would like to ask you something. (probably someone else already did before me but I thought I should give it a shot) Your songs are so amazing and unique in their own way, so I thought since we, your fans, give you ideas for new tracks (as you've said before), I could share one of the best experiences of my life which would be awesome if you ever have the chance of composing a song based on it... I know it's not that simple, but man, your talent is the only way that can express it, like the way I feel it. I would be honored and extremely happy if you want to hear about it and I hope you will send me WHENEVER and IF you want, at my e-mail. Thanks in advance! A big, new fan from Greece! Greetings!
Nicole January 19, 2014 @12:45 am
Hello Voltaire how tall are you?
Michelle January 15, 2014 @09:57 pm
Two questions: 1.) I recently introduced your music to my roommates who are also from New Jersey and they wanted to know where you grew up? 2.) Any chance you'll do some cover's of Phantom of the Opera?
A. January 11, 2014 @04:12 am
Voltaire, are the cheesepuffs real?
Meg January 08, 2014 @06:25 pm
Hi Voltaire, I have never identified as "goth" or anything of the sort, and I really don't like horror movies, but I love your music! If I wasn't a teacher, I would dress like you and learn your music on my violin! Speaking of violins, I'm wondering who the violinist is in "The Headless Waltz," which is one of my favorite of your songs, next to "Riding A Black Unicorn" of course, and "Graveyard Picnic." Also, just a side note, I love how fun you make the dark side of life sound. One more thing, I'm wondering if your song "Born Bad," is about someone being incarcerated? That's how I hear it.
Atoroth December 29, 2013 @05:53 pm
So voltaire Whats the weirdest question you have ever been asked.
Violet December 26, 2013 @07:28 am
Mr.Voltaire, what is the genre/category of your song "When you're Evil"?
Erin December 15, 2013 @03:46 am
Mr. Voltaire, in one of your songs, "My Future Ex-Girlfriend" you describe Keanu as " too hot to be straight". So me and my sister would really like to know, what other male actors are "hot" in your opinion?
Daniel Claxton December 14, 2013 @11:12 pm
Is there any possibility of you releasing sheet music for your music at any point? And if there is already sheet music out there, where might a young aspiring singer find it?
Evil Hero Shadow Claw December 06, 2013 @08:04 pm
Voltaire, what was you inspiration for "When you're evil?"
kittytaisho December 04, 2013 @01:49 am
Hi. I'm a newish fan and I've been wondering who plays those mesmerizing violin tracks in the Devil's Bris?
sassquatch October 31, 2013 @07:12 am
hey voltar was wondering are you doing another tour in the uk if so can you let me know and are you coming to wales if so id love to se you live me and my girl friend as we found your song when we were looking for haloween songs lol someone put when your dead in amongst there playlist and been listening to them all
Faith Hawkins October 11, 2013 @02:42 pm
Hello! Massive fan of your song, Anastasia. Would it be possible to get the piano chords for it?
redmajere October 07, 2013 @06:13 pm
Voltaire are you a god of awesome? to me you are your music is awesome 1 question do you have posters of yourself? if so can I have one?
Flying Strawberry September 25, 2013 @01:52 pm
Voltaire, here one of your spanish fans. I would like to ask you about how did you create my favourite song (When youre evil) and where did you get the idea from (sorry if my english isn't very good D: )
dante scott September 23, 2013 @04:37 pm
VOLTAIRE!!! I know this will never happen like EVER ....."its a dramatic pause this is what you get when you don't come to rehearsals" just kidding but do you think you and GUITAR HERO can make "GUITAR HERO VOLTAIRE"
Morrigan Carmillan September 22, 2013 @11:46 pm
Sooo... Have you got any arrangements to play along with Björk? I mean... the only way it could be any more -wet- dreamin' fullfiling for me, would be if I were to listen to you both live, while naked among "Yomi" Deep, Angelina Jolie, and the Bella Morte guys... can we make it possible, please?
The Man Who Laughs September 22, 2013 @02:18 am
Voltaire, I would notice from time to time that in some pictures or photo shoots of you, you have pointed ears. I've also noticed it in some of your nooseletters. In other photo shoots I see you with normal ears (nothing wrong with that). I was wondering if you could give specific details on the name of piercing/body modification so I don't end up with huge elf ears when I just want a little point. Thank you
Fidel Cortes September 22, 2013 @12:03 am
voltaire, am a big fan of yours and i was wondering if exist the posibility that you make music for another cartoon network, as regular show or adventure time
Amb. Snakemasters September 19, 2013 @10:44 am
To me I always see you designing new toys, or creating comics, or producing/touring your music, so my question is: How much do you do as a professor for animation at the school for visual arts?
Trenton September 14, 2013 @01:19 pm
I am very curious to know if you had ever thought about making a biography or documentary on how you became who you are, or how you got as far in life as you have. I would be very interested in seeing that.
Pedro Guerrero September 13, 2013 @12:12 pm
Mr. Voltaire, what s the meaning behind that key which is always on your neck?
Izzi August 25, 2013 @05:20 pm
Voltaire, will you ever re-release the plush Pony of Doom? By the time I found out about them, they were already sold out.
SkullyDot August 13, 2013 @07:44 am
Hi, Voltaire. :3 I have a question, that I hope you answer. I have a set of eight characters. Their names are Zombit, MasterMind, Tensha, Stitchel, Faiti, Peppa, Ven, and Pip. I use your songs, "Almost Human" and "Irresponsible" as Tensha and MasterMind's theme songs (if that's fine with you). Anyways, I plan on making them into little comics and other things when I get older. What should I start out with? You know, to get me started. I've already drawn them all, picked voices, and other things, but I don't know what I should do to get them notice and such. I'm sorry this is so lengthy. Thank you for reading though!
Ramona Von Gareiter (Or Grethel, whatever..) August 08, 2013 @11:02 am
I'm not asking you to come to Italy. Actually, I'll ask you to don't come here. It's full of stupid foolish people! And I know it, since I live in this disgraceful place. I'm telling you for your own good. Well, that wasn't a real question. Just know it.
Mempor/Mickeal August 06, 2013 @06:05 pm
yes mempor is the same as mickeal anyway will u come close to oklahoma seminole if u make a concert?
Mempor/Mickeal August 06, 2013 @06:01 pm
will u make a concert please i love your music remeber to come to aqw friday 13th!
Mickeal August 06, 2013 @05:51 pm
will you be making a new album? i hope so i love your songs favorite is riding a black unicorn down the side of an erupting volcano while drinking from a chalice the laughter of small children and tied with its bigger on the inside hope you will be able to make it to friday 13th event!
Mickeal August 06, 2013 @05:49 pm
will you be making a new album? i hope so i love your songs favorite is riding a black unicorn down the side of an erupting volcano while drinking from a chalice the laughter of small children and tied with it's bigger on the inside
nlesscrow August 01, 2013 @01:48 pm
Sup Voltaire...nless here can't say that im a big fan ..but you are epic...and my question is ...how many questions did u answer until now?...joking if u can travel thru time in what period would you like to travel?
The Payne Train July 29, 2013 @03:05 pm
Dear Voltaire, I love your music but have you ever received any harassment for the vulgarity of some of your songs? If so, what kind?
Seth Carlock July 18, 2013 @03:45 pm
I was wondering what is the bass tab and violin tab for your song brains, and also if you wouldn't mind if my band covers it, i can't seem to find any sheet music or tabs for that song for anything besides guitar, if you can put the tab or sheet music up that would be great, thanks
Mister Tiny Evil July 10, 2013 @03:23 pm
Dear Voltaire , i'd like to ask you a simple question ... and i know you got this kind of questions over time ( not as well pointed , maybe ) and here it goes : how do you get the inspiration to combine the awesome lyrics with the music part so well ? i mean , i write lyrics , and i can compose music , but when i try to put them together it comes to an epic fail ... P.S. try dressing Orville in a pirate ( don't forget the beard and the parrot .. oh , and the eye patch )
Hyaskus July 06, 2013 @02:42 am
Dear Voltaire, I have but two questions to ask. Question the First: What is the meaning behind the song, "The Chosen"? No matter the way I looked at it, I could not for the life of me figure out the meaning. Question the Second: According from your concerts, you have at least knowledge of the existence of the Anime, Hellsing: Ultimate, and I must ask, have you ever actually watched the series, or only know of it via the many "When You're Evil" AMVs?
Joseph July 05, 2013 @11:58 am
If you were forced to either go to Cat-house Tragedy or hire the Zombie Prostitute, which would you rather?
Azakura Yong Wol Rang July 03, 2013 @06:09 pm
Is there a way to contact you without being public websites such as facebook and the like. Would you happen to have a Skype account or Yahoo messenger? Thanks for all the great music over the years and continue doing such an amazing job!
Nicki Has Died June 29, 2013 @09:14 pm
I was wondering why I can't find anything of yours in any stores? I look and look and look through every toy and music store that I can find and I've only been able to find something of yours once in a used book store; Call of the Jersey Devil. Some son of a bitch snatched it right out of my hand. When I find him I'll end him...
Tiago June 29, 2013 @06:09 pm
Do you smoke weed?
Dalton Wells June 20, 2013 @01:02 pm
Dear Voltaire, do you ever get confused for singing someone elses song? Also, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Fidel Cortes June 15, 2013 @12:25 am
Voltaire am a comic wirter and i wanted to askyou where you get all that inspiracion to make all that amazing stuff, sorry for my bad english am from chile and learned english from videogames
Strange Miracle June 14, 2013 @12:24 am
Your style really makes me put a smile on my face; it just does. Who influenced you into Gothic subculture?
Fidel Cortes June 13, 2013 @05:35 pm
voltaire exist the pisibility that you come to Chile for concert in antofagasta??? am your biggest fan
Anno Domine May 25, 2013 @09:15 am
Who do you think would win in a fight, the Jersey Devil or Rawhead Rex?
Hermia May 24, 2013 @09:41 pm
It's advice:watch "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (alt. Goodbye,Mr. Despair). You like it, I sure (satire + absurd + awesome music).
Eviserator May 22, 2013 @10:01 pm
what do you define goth as? and what do you think of Marilyn Manson? also what do you think of satanism (not the baby sacrificing kind)
viagra May 15, 2013 @11:50 am
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UnendingEmpire May 13, 2013 @07:39 pm
I was going to ask about how you answered all these questions, but this is one that's been bugging me... ...do you have any tips for a musician? Other than "make the music" since that's what I've been doing all this time.
Mike Siri May 10, 2013 @07:08 am
Hey, i just wanna know if there is anytime you make a tour in Europe. I would be thankfull if you ever come there:)
Santiago Valdez May 09, 2013 @06:44 pm
Dear Voltaire, I saw a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic brony PMV (Pony Music Video) with your song Death Death Death Death (Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil, Songs). I later saw a comment that Voltiare, you, (obviously) posted saying some sort of compliment. Which made me wonder, are you a brony? Or at least a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? That's all I really wanted to know.
PurpleAnastasia May 05, 2013 @04:31 pm
i Wonder if you could tell us about some artist, musicians, books, films and bands that you enjoy. i'm a huge fan of Your work and consiters you to have better tast tha any of my friends. i'm kind of lacking of new Things to watch and listen to, and it's always fun to Discover new Things to love, so apart from Your own, is there any art you can recomand to me?
The Man Who Laughs May 03, 2013 @08:34 am
Voltaire, I would notice from time to time that in some pictures or photo shoots of you, you have pointed ears. In other photo shoots I see you with normal ears (nothing wrong with that). I was wondering if you could give specific details on the name of piercing/body modification so I don't end up with huge elf ears when I just want a little point. Thank you
tjjrcl April 26, 2013 @12:57 pm
Cody Axegrinder Graham April 23, 2013 @03:00 pm
Hey its me Cody, was wondering if you needed any more actors for the "Oh My Goth" Live action film that your working on if so I would love to audition for an interesting part. :D
TinaPop April 17, 2013 @10:18 pm
It's been a while since the last Ask Voltaire installment but I'm hoping the concept is not dead. On Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids the song Crusade (probably my favorite BTW) is noted as Kids Version. Is there an adults or other version as I've not been able to locate one. Thanks Txxx
Kernimal April 15, 2013 @02:02 am
Hey Voltaire, I was just curious on how you get the inspiration and ideas for your books and songs. I ask this because im a writer and lately writers block has been punching me right in the dick. Thanks
Stephanie Bartkowicz April 08, 2013 @02:14 am
Hey Voltaire, Just happen to discover you music thanks to youtube. I just wondered if you have ever seen the movie musicals Repo! the Genetic Opera or The Devil's Carnival? Your music reminded me of the songs in though movies. Would you ever work with Terrance Zdunich, the co-creator of the songs in those musicals, on his musicals? Thank you and just keep being awesome.
K.D. House April 07, 2013 @08:52 pm
hey mr. Voltaire I have two questions for you though the last one is a bit silly, feel free not to answer it. My first question is, Have you ever had to cancel a show due to sickness or a family emergency? my second question is, Who spends the most amount of time in the mirror (i.e. putting on make-up, doing/styling your hair, nails, shaving ect) is it you, your wife or your son?
Wednessday March 31, 2013 @06:33 pm
Hey, so I have two questions that sorta relate to each other. Okay so #1. Do you know of the wonderful band Creature Feature? (If not you should look them up they are almost, if not at, the same level of awesomeness as you.) #2. Do you think you might ever possibly in the future colaborate with them and do a song of two?
survey cash March 29, 2013 @04:18 pm
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Fabiano Soares March 22, 2013 @04:16 am
Hey Voltaire! What's up?! Well, i'm a HUUUGE fan of your work and music, and i want to ask you something which comes from the deep of my heart! PLEEEEASE, WHEN YOU COME TO A SHOW HERE IN BRAZIL?! D: You the greatest!
Twitch724 March 15, 2013 @10:17 am
Dear Voltaire, i keep noticing multiple jewish refrences (Coin Opererated Goi, Shalom, and in lyrics) I was curious if you were raised jewish or just find it easy to add jewish aspects to your songs?
Benson March 10, 2013 @10:30 pm
What type of guitar do you use? :)
Pedro March 10, 2013 @11:21 am
Hey Voltaire, what do use as a manequin for Orville? I'm trying to make one out of duct tape, to dress as a zombie By the way I love this show, looking forward to listen to your new album and It'd be awesome to see you in Portugal.
LordCampbellVonDoom! March 07, 2013 @06:48 pm
Mr. Voltaire and Mr. Deadenbacher (I do hope I spelt that correctly) would you ever consider coming to Scotland? I speak on behalf of all Scots when I say we'd welcome you with open arms.
Aja February 27, 2013 @09:12 pm
Hey Voltaire and Orville! Voltaire, towards the middle of your "To the Bottom of the Sea" album, I always imagine it as one coherent story in a sort of frame-tale. This leads me to ask if you would ever consider writing a musical? Honestly, I think a lot of your songs would be even more lovely given a little theatrics. Of course I'm a theatre-major, so my brain usually thinks like that.
Selulpchure February 27, 2013 @12:05 pm
I noticed on your page that you have several guests on your tracks would you ever do a song with lindsey sterling the violinist?
The Nameless One February 27, 2013 @04:21 am
What can change the nature of a man?
Atanas February 26, 2013 @03:26 pm
Hello. What do you think of the new trend of romance novels (whinelight, 50 mistakes of grey and all that stuff)?
Vincent February 25, 2013 @02:12 pm
Dear Voltaire, How and when were you exposed to the steampunk genre?
Breanna February 24, 2013 @07:22 pm
i really want to learn the song 'when you're evil' but everything i find is either wrong, or annoying to get to, or i can't even get to it after like an hour of trying. can you help me with a good link or something? thanks
Steven February 21, 2013 @07:44 pm
Dear Voltaire, do you think you would ever preform in Springfield MO someday? that would That would be soooo Cool if you did! :D
Ravencross February 21, 2013 @08:17 am
Voltaire, you are a man who has brought thousands of incredible memories to an equal if not more amount of people (Myself included)! My question to you is, in all of your experience in all that you do for us, is there a specific moment that has touched you the most? A fan, an event, perhaps even a response to one of these vlogs?
Vivian February 20, 2013 @09:06 pm
Mr Votaire...what would be the past gift to gave a Gothic gentleman like yourself a gift..I've got no idea..It's bad enough that I don't know how to get a mundane guy a gift..Can you gave me some ideas for this poor little gothic lover kitty..Thank you.
VOLTAIRE February 20, 2013 @01:36 pm
Michael Coppa , sadly that's not true. At least, no one at MLP has mentioned it to ME. But I really wish it was the case!!!
Michael Coppa February 20, 2013 @08:02 am
Dear Voltaire, It has been said among the BRONY community that you are a special guest in My little Pony: Friendship Is magic Season 4 is this true???
Leonardcr February 19, 2013 @12:35 am
Voltaire, I was wondering if you know of the band Creature Feature. Given the dark tone of your songs, I was thinking you might like them. If you haven't yet, can you check them out and state your opinion?
Kita February 10, 2013 @04:33 pm
I bring my lunch to work all the time and i was wondering if you were going to come out with a bento box line
jessica.w February 06, 2013 @11:34 pm
what kind of ear piercing do you have, i have seen it in your videos and i would just like to know and sorry if someone has asked you this.
Kait February 01, 2013 @07:42 pm
Sorry to disturb you Mr.Voltaire, but I have a few questions if it's not too much. My name's Kaitlyn M. Williams, I'm an 8th grade student at Seminole Middle School, In plantation FL. I'm a huge fan of you and your work and consider you a role model of mine. I have a project in my Drama class that I'm currently working on, The project was to pick our favorite Celebrity and do research, and outline, a written report, and then eventually do a performance as our celebrity, either telling an interesting story or a musical performance, and of course for this project I've chosen to do you. (I'm terribly sorry if that sounds a bit creepy) Well, I've done lots of research, I've got a hole packet full printed out, but for my out line I'm miss a few bit's of information that I couldn't find such as Parents/siblings, birthplace/hometown, interest/hobbies, school/education, religion/beliefs, wealth/social class, networth, big break/first job, criminal records, addictions/disabilities, foundations, pets, health issues, etc. ( once again I apologize if this is fairly creepy) So, I'd grateful if you'd be willing to give me any information or such needed to help me with this project, please and thank you.
Ernesto January 21, 2013 @11:34 pm
hi, when you come again to Mexico? the last time i was sick! and i can´t go to Salon Calavera please please come!
ClosetGoth103 January 21, 2013 @06:33 pm
Are there any musicians you hope to one day do collaborations with?
Galadriel January 13, 2013 @05:05 pm
I know you may not answer these questions anymore but where did you buy Orville? P.S- I like your eyebrows.
piemspash January 13, 2013 @12:03 am
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Beelzebobblz January 12, 2013 @09:29 pm
Who's your favorite James Bond Actor?
Blackbecky January 09, 2013 @05:31 am
Does your clothes cost much? im from sweden and have a hard time finding nice, cheap goth cloths.. You look really sexy!
David Fernandez January 06, 2013 @05:08 pm
Hey Voltaire, can you tell me where you got those awesome shades from? If you don't know what I mean here is a picture that has them: http://listeningroom.lohudblogs.com/files/2009/06/voltaire1.jpg
Aaron January 03, 2013 @05:17 am
I love your old serious depressing stuff (boohoo, almost human) stuff the best, will you ever put out any more tracks or albums of that nature or is it all Tribble rape from now on?
Dieromiz December 24, 2012 @06:41 am
Come to Holland! Please! Ugh, I'm the only one who knows you here but still.. WHY is it you aren't famous here?! I'm gonna die. Bye!
Alex Redvers Isherwood December 23, 2012 @02:51 pm
hey hey... you along with Serj Tankian and errmmm.....(ten miniute wait while thinking)..Morrisey have inspired me to write the songs, poems and philosophical peices I have done and i was wondering whether you`d do me the honour of reading them if I send you a couple? They are humorus and I chose you `cos i think you`d respect the humor more than the others.
NidafromTurkey December 22, 2012 @02:15 pm
hello Voltaire! my name is nida :) i am from tukey. I reeeeealy want to play on the violin your songs. I searched it but i didn't find anything... How can find violin sheets? Especially goodnight demon slayer :) i love your songs voltaire... :)
foreseeable_future December 21, 2012 @02:19 pm
which of your very diverse artistic pursuits do you enjoy spending your time on? As well, I run a karaoke show, and I've been wondering if you will ever release a true karaoke album in CDG format so that I can wow my patrons?
subxqzsb December 21, 2012 @11:14 am
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Jhonny December 19, 2012 @11:28 pm
Hi :D My question for you is: are there any techniques you use when drawing the amazing art you do? and I have one for Dr Strange since he seemed disappointed when he didn't get to answer this but why is he so good looking? XD
Guilherme December 17, 2012 @06:14 pm
Hello Voltaire, before my question i want to say that your job is amazing and your songs always have a beautiful meaning. Now the question, do you recommend other singers with the same music style as yours ? And just for curiosity, do you watched any anime already ? Thank you for answer. From your fan in Brazil.
Alberto December 15, 2012 @02:32 pm
¿Sabes hablar español? Y, si es así, ¿piensas hacer alguna canción en este idioma? Gracias. ## If you don't understand the previous sentences, it's not necessary you translate them. Thank you (and sorry for spelling errors).
chris(htx) December 13, 2012 @05:23 pm
I really only have one question that keeps poping in my head. How did you get you're beard sotick and manly?
Asiantastic December 12, 2012 @08:19 pm
i was wondering when you could do an all ages show in NC...the last time you came in Charlotte, i couldn't go because i am only 15. also why do not make videos for your songs?
Calum December 06, 2012 @04:10 pm
What are the chords for underground? I want to do a cover of it for my music class, thank you :-)
Miss Mona December 04, 2012 @03:53 pm
Hey Voltaire! Now that I read that you'll be visiting Europe next year I just have to ask (or beg) you: Can you please play in Germany too? The "WGT" (Wave Gotik Treffen) takes place in may and I'm sure they'd love to have you there (or anywhere else). It would be amazing!
Alexandria November 25, 2012 @10:08 am
Hello, My douche of a boyfriend dumped me recently. I'm not really too upset about that, it is just that he introduced me to your music, which has made me turn sour toward it. Not because of you, my dear. Never because of that. I have no idea how you could help me with this, but I need some sort of disassociation . What songs, that you have written of course, would you suggest that would both get my frustration out as well as fall in love with your music all over again? -Alexandria
Jericho (surely that cant be my real name?) November 23, 2012 @12:03 am
When are you going to make a music video? I would love to see what kind of things you could have your songs played to. Oh, and i had sex because of your music and whiile it was playing, so thank you so much for all of your music :D you are the best wingman ever!
Lestat November 22, 2012 @09:53 pm
Hey Voltaire, my long long time girlfriend is coming back from a long long trip to Europe, and as a welcoming gift I wanted to play your song "anniversary" to her, could you tell me what are the chords in the song? Thanks a lot for taking the time to make this videos...
lomoutSmura November 16, 2012 @06:27 am
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FlawlessMistake November 15, 2012 @07:19 pm
Hey Voltaire, out of curiosity... How do you do that roughness in your voice when you sing? It drives my brother and I crazy sometimes because we want to do it, but we don't know how to. Secondly, what's you're favorite color? =3
SETHU November 10, 2012 @04:06 pm
If God gives you the power to change any one-thing you want in this Planet Earth, What would you change ? PS: You got so many questions and I doubt you will even read mine. Anyways I'm your biggest fan from India and I love you so much, Please continue giving us great songs THANK YOU and +Karma
Larissa Petitto 2012-11-08 November 08, 2012 @11:33 pm
Kayley November 05, 2012 @09:32 pm
Have you heard of Fatherless Daughter Syndrome, and have you ever met anyone with it?
PolishFan#1 November 04, 2012 @05:10 pm
Do you do childrens parties, or any parties at all? And if you do, would you jump half-naked out of some cake? Or a coffin? Sorry for my english, it used to be better. I would really love to see you in Cracow, Poland. Beatiful city, as they say. Maybe good on vacations?
Azraelean November 03, 2012 @03:21 pm
Are you okay?
TinaPop November 01, 2012 @10:16 pm
You suggested another tour down under may be on the cards. I know many artists avoid coming here due to the prohibitive costs. You have a large on-line fanbase but a significant proportion of it seems to be in the US. Other than requesting your songs at clubs, on radio and liking your work on YouTube, FB, Twitter etc, how can your fans in Australia assist you in raising your profile here, not only to share the love, but to ensure your tours are profitable and financially viable. As an adjunct to that question, is there any chance you may tour with a backing band at some point. I would so love to hear live some of the intricacies of the various more unusual instruments you use in your recordings. Or is it simply cost prohibitive to consider. Bless ya cotton sox & I really hope your veiled hint will come to fruition.
Maddy November 01, 2012 @08:55 pm
I've wanted to know for a while, what brought you to make you'r song "Let It Go"? It is one of my favorites from you, and it seem's like there is a great deal of meaning to it. So, what does it mean to you?
Drago Dracinious Black October 29, 2012 @05:06 am
oi voltaire i have 4 questions 1:have you ever met stan lee? 2:do you read the spawn comic? 3:if so which version of spawn is your favorite? 4:have you ever read the Lovecraft novels?
Drago Dracinious Black October 29, 2012 @04:56 am
Dear Voltaire i was wondering, do people send you cool creepy stuff and if so have you ever wondered if any of them might be a possessed object?
Jesse October 25, 2012 @12:03 am
Hey, Voltaire. I know you're more of a guitar/slash singer kind of guy, but I was wondering which of your songs do you think would be the easiest to learn the violin on? I absolutely love the sound of the melody made on Headless Waltz, but I figured there might be a simpler one to learn for a beginner.
Tuilinn October 23, 2012 @09:31 pm
Hi, Voltaire. If it's not too personal a question, I would like to hear your thoughts about your Cuban heritage.
Carolina October 21, 2012 @11:27 am
Hi Voltaire! I'm a new fan (seriously, I heard your music for the firtst time a week ago) and I couldn't help but notice that you, unlike most musicians, started out with short hair and later grew it out. What made you decide to grow out your hair? Are you trying for some kind of reverse Samson effect? (FYI, you look smoking hot either way!)
Alex October 19, 2012 @03:03 pm
Hi Voltaire! Sorry to bother you, but have you ever though of going to Star Trek Con in Cherry Hill New Jersey? I think you would like it there. :]
JD October 18, 2012 @03:20 pm
Bro, you're like MY IDOL! I love playing all your songs (none-commercially) and im a GINARGEROUS *(Jeye - nag - err - us)* Fan, and have one question, I love to play your songs, but i cannot find the chords to one of your songs: comin'out for christmas, and if your willing, could you please tell the chords? Im dieing to know how to play it. (I am also in the making of videoing me play those) (((so you can see ^_^ ))) thanks. JD
Shooter October 17, 2012 @09:54 pm
If you ever came to Argentina, will you wear that beautiful bunny ears? They really swits you. By the way, you're still a really erotic man. Yeah, even whit the bunny ears. Actually, you are more sexy when you wear them. You are the perfect convination between sexy, cute, and... awesome. Please come to Argentina so you can show how a real men looks like. Thanks. No, really. I just wanted to ask 'bout your animations. They are really good, and i wanted to knw a little bit about the creation process and that things. Thanks a lot. I hope you have fun reading this crap.
TheEighthPrinceofHell(formerlychase/samuel turpin) October 14, 2012 @12:11 pm
Sorry i have so many question i'm thinking of that i dont think have been asked. What is your preferred death,if you had to die in the next hour by any method other than whilst sleeping what would it be. I personally would like to be killed by an explosion that is caused at a gas station by lightning striking the gas pump,sending debris flying at me,which sends me hurtling into traffic,where a horse trailer swerves to narrowly avoid me,but in doing so its horse is freed,then the horse tramples me in panic.Of course many other people would die by the explosion/resulting wreck,but i don't really care.
Chase Turpin October 14, 2012 @11:27 am
Please good sir disregard my previous question as i found the answer in one of your voltaire lair videos,but i have dug deep and found a new question that is much more important;what are your views on baby eating. Most people frown upon this practice but you sir are not most people what are your views?
Samuel Turpin October 14, 2012 @11:05 am
I would like a to know of a direct link to any places where i can buy physical copies of your music and of any place where i could buy sheet music for When You're Evil. Please and Thank You
Ryan October 10, 2012 @08:10 pm
Often in your music you satirize the church, and that got me thinking...what are your religious views? Do you believe in God? Or the church? I'm just wondering, no judgement here. If it helps me get my question answered I don't particularly like the church, but I do believe there is a God.
DarknessReaper424 October 07, 2012 @04:38 pm
Dear Voltaire, I've been a fan of your music for almost five years and I always see you with your evil teddy bear Deady in adventurequest and I want to know how long have you known Deady?
Wishing Reaper October 06, 2012 @11:09 pm
I'm only 13 years-old and I've been trying to make a manga for the past 5 years but I can never actually finish one, even though I already know the story from beginning to end, and since you've made quite a few comics, I was wondering if you had any advice/tips on how I could successfully create my own and publish it. Also, am I even old enough to publish my own manga?
Marceline October 05, 2012 @07:05 pm
Hello Voltaire :3 I was just wondering; have you ever seen the movie "Repo! The Genetic Opera"? If you haven't, I'm sure you'd love it! It's one of my favorites. It has goth, gore, and rock music. What more can ya ask for? XD
Daniel Soares October 05, 2012 @04:48 am
Hey Voltaire :) You've kinda been an idol to me since I first heard your song "When your evil" in an AMV :P Anyway here's my question: If you could have one wish, what would it be?
Ches Skelington October 03, 2012 @01:03 am
Why do you make so many anti-Christian songs? I for one am a Christian and i am a fan. i love your dark satire style of music and how you have done songs for grim adventures of billy and mandy, and how you work with AQWorlds every friday the 13th. but ya why the hate on Christians?
rjkross September 24, 2012 @04:18 pm
I was wondering if you do weddings? And for how much. (This would also include open bar and dinner if you were interested, also including an open invitation to bring your wife if you would want to. I mean hell, its a celebration and everyone should have fun) my bestfriend of 7 years and I are (kind of) planning our wedding and we would love to have you play, so I figured I would ask you if this was the sort of thing you would do. Would also like to say that thanks to you I have faith in music again. I've noticed near everything sounds the same, and your music has a diversity to it that I just love. Thanks for your time :)
Daniel Neto (Grandson) September 24, 2012 @11:46 am
Hey there, it's me again! I want to ask if i can make more than one question. 8D In the music Stuck With You, who is the lady with that funking perfect and angelical voice? From Brazil again, thanks!
Daniel Neto (Grandson) September 24, 2012 @11:30 am
Hi there, i've been listening to Accordion Player too much lately, and i wanted to ask when you're going to make a especial version, with both you an Julia Marcell? Sorry for the bad english, it'd because i am Brazilian and a great fan of your work! Thanks for the atention o/ (And yes... my grand father was called Daniel too...)
Niño de Juárez September 23, 2012 @12:23 pm
I have heard your song "Dia de los muertos" and I was really hoping you would make more spanish songs or an album of spanish songs. Another question, how did you come up with the idea of the vourotanian keyblade, did you play Kingdom Hearts and got inspired? P.S. Please put these questions on the next Ask Voltaire Vlog. Thank You.
Hell Phoenix September 22, 2012 @01:58 pm
Hi, is there any chance for either a Voltaire tab book for guitar, for all of your albums, or more How to Play videos? I understand you are very busy but I love your music and to be able to play it would mean a lot. :) Thanks V!
Karolis September 21, 2012 @06:14 am
Can you make video how to play "when you're evil" or "zombie prostitute" :)
Cassandra September 21, 2012 @04:57 am
What helped you gain confidence? What has kept you motivated while facing rejection?
Taylor September 20, 2012 @02:51 am
Do you release any of your album's as LPs?
jeanna bleeks September 19, 2012 @11:35 pm
hello first time i found you and your musics you have really hit the spot how i feel. thank you voltiare. exspecially innocennt and featherly wings .
Luciferian-Alexander September 19, 2012 @02:30 am
What would you do for a Klondike bar? Well, no, not me. Actually, what would you do if I, or any other random fan, came up and hugged you?
Dom Collins September 17, 2012 @09:02 pm
What exactly is the definition of BiTrekktual...does it indicate a love for both Next Gen and the Original Series, and if so does that mean that anyone who also likes DS9 is TriTrekktual? If, for some reason that I can't explain, you also like Enterprise, would you be PanTrekktual?
Noy September 14, 2012 @09:33 pm
Voltaire, how many hats do you own?
skyreaper29 September 13, 2012 @08:29 pm
a other question i will like to ask if you are coming to florida miami anytime so
skyreaper29 September 13, 2012 @08:26 pm
mr voltaie i will like to know how old where you in 2009 and how old where you in 2012 because you look a lot diffence
A.Vanhellsing September 13, 2012 @01:41 pm
Will you ever produce a gothic Christmass album, every year the wonders of Christmass comes, I love the Nightmare before christmass album, but their is not a lot else for unconventionalists. Some ideas for songs, 1) Evil Santa 2) Christmass in Bedlam 3)Cthulu Christmass Love your work - Joe P.s. have you ever come across the work of Jillian Venters author of the 'Gothic Charm School'if not definitely worth a read,
Seth Aquino September 10, 2012 @10:06 pm
Do you plan on doing anything with chi-chian soon? I really like that character and would love to see her in more stuff.
anonymous September 06, 2012 @06:58 am
why isn't your album then and again on your youtube page? also how does someone contact a book publisher?
Alice September 04, 2012 @12:45 am
I've been wanting to ask this question for a while now by any chance would you ever sing a duet with Emilie Autumn?
Ryder September 01, 2012 @11:23 am
One of my favorite things about your music is number of genres and sounds you mess around with; I particularly like the fiddle and violin and folk influences. Do you ever play traditional folk tunes/songs, Appalachian/English/Irish/etc., and would you ever think about recording them?
Temple Rain September 01, 2012 @05:40 am
Voltaire I must as you two simple questions. During vlog 4 you sang the lyric: Everyday's a masquerade waiting for the fall. What song is this from exactly? Secondly, would you grant a fan personal art work to have tattoo'ed if they so wished?
Frazier August 31, 2012 @01:09 pm
Yo Volti! When are you going to do a Lair of Voltaire teaching us how to play "Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children"? I can't wait to learn it!
Dragos August 30, 2012 @10:27 am
Will you ever come to romania
vincent velveteen August 30, 2012 @09:04 am
voltaire , what are your thoughts on other sub cultures like punk,emo,metal head, and any other sub culture that you can think of skittles
Dancer August 29, 2012 @08:33 pm
What does your wife think of your music?
Raven Cain (the one and only) August 29, 2012 @08:04 am
Have you thought of doing duo songs with : bjork, amanda palmer, or any of the like? also ... Have you thought of doing any kinds of videos with you teaming up with jhonen vasquez or otep for the artwork stuff? Thanks, love ya, stay awesome!
Jennine August 29, 2012 @06:04 am
Dear Mr. Voltaire, I am appauled that nobody on Youtube does Violin covers of any of your songs! I've just started learning and I want to play things like The Headless Waltz, Ex Lover's Lover, When You're evil ect ect (Even though my violin playing skills will make their once beautiful riffs sound terrible) Do you know where I can get tutorials or sheet music? Also, I know you get this question alot, and your reply usually consists of 'Look on the website!!!' But, I BEG YOU TO COME TO BRISTOL IN THE UNITED KINGDOM (Where we all talk like farmers) I WILL PAY MILLIONS TO SEE YOU LIVE... IF I HAD MILLIONS Much lurve, peace out ;)
Bryan August 28, 2012 @04:54 am
What flavour and brand of tobacco do you enjoy smoking in your very classy and very awesome pipe you use in your videos? Also, where did you get your pipe?
Maria Retallick August 24, 2012 @11:13 pm
Mr. Voltaire, I highly respect you as an artist and was wondering if you could give me a few tips on song writing. I know what I want to say I just don't know how to make it work right. Am I trying too hard?
Harpic August 20, 2012 @02:43 am
Are you Keanu Reeves? I am serious.
Patthology August 17, 2012 @12:13 am
Voltaire, did you read A Song of Ice and Fire? If you did, would you consider making any song written there? It would be totally, absolutely, completely eargmastic. In case you didn't, what are you waiting for? Go get it now! With love, a huge fan.
Matthew August 16, 2012 @12:45 am
I was wondering if you have ever played in south carolina and if so do you think you will ever play there again anytime soon? seeing you live would be amazing!!
Meliard August 15, 2012 @08:57 am
hallo voltaire.I was wondering, is the Similarity between 'brains' and 'sing sing sing' by Benny Goodman deliberate or accidental?
Brenden Sourbeck August 14, 2012 @01:42 pm
Hi Voltaire, when will you be playing in [insert town/state/province/country here]? No, just kidding. My actual question is: Did you ever question your sexuality when you were a teenager?
Shannon August 14, 2012 @12:08 pm
Hi Voltaire, I was wondering how you got Brian Viglione from the Dresden Dolls to play procussions for Riding the Black Unicorn??
rudy August 12, 2012 @05:34 pm
hye, i found out that you're going to be playing in atlanta in a couple of weeks. i was wondering how much would a pass or ticket cost to be there and where you will be performing?
Dr.Durr August 12, 2012 @10:01 am
Have you played Darkstalkers? If so, what is your opinion on a game about moovie monsters duking it out.
That guy you bumped into last friday August 11, 2012 @03:36 pm
Have you ever heard of and/or watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? And what is your opinion on it?
Papizan August 10, 2012 @07:28 am
Would i be a Goth i wear black and dark color cloths im sort of a social outcast all my friends are goths?
Aria Rose August 10, 2012 @03:37 am
Dear, Voltaire I was first introduced to your music by a friend in High school and one one my favorite songs of yours, it was the second song of your I had ever heard is anniversary, and i have wondered, what was your inspiration for the song? Its so beautiful and elegantly done.
zennon August 09, 2012 @02:14 am
Voltaire would you ever consider concerning the goth world with your music if not were would you wrather to concer? Ps: I'm not goth I be just another fan of your music XD
BDThrall August 09, 2012 @12:50 am
Honestly I am curious, is it possible you may one day do a song with the band Abney Park? Much like you did when you did the song Coin Operated Goi?
katie kat August 07, 2012 @07:52 pm
Mr. Voltaire, A group of baby-bats including myself were just wondering if you yourself had ever been a baby-bat. Thank you for your time.
Nikola August 07, 2012 @04:01 am
Hi Voltaire I really hope you see that one. I was wondering what do you think about the Pagan Folk scene? It is actually quite Goth and a lot of goths and metalheads like this music, but it still grows slowly and mostly in Europe. Do you like such music and do you have plans to put out such album one day (i know you love to change the genres of your music and that's awesome)? If you don't know what I'm talking about definitely check out bands like Omnia or Faun. Greetings from a Bulgarian fan!
KittyDragon August 06, 2012 @04:53 pm
I have been one of your fans for some time now and i have two questions. 1) Since i am under 21 do you ever play in clubs that are not for 21 or older? 2) I am a Hispanic with a very dark complexion. I have consider myself to be a goth because of my views and ways that i present myself to the world but i am never taken seriously. Do you have any advice on how to over come not being able to fit in with the common cliche of the Gothic style?
KittyDragon August 06, 2012 @04:52 pm
I have been one of your fans for some time now and i have two questions. 1) Since i am under 21 do you ever play in clubs that are not for 21 or older? 2) I am a Hispanic with a very dark complexion. I have consider myself to be a goth because of my views and ways that i present myself to the world but i am never taken seriously. Do you have any advice on how to over come not being able to fit in with the common cliche of the Gothic style?
Jorge Viveros August 05, 2012 @08:26 pm
Hello Voltaire, I apologize if my English is confusing, My name is Jorge and I was wondering if I could ask 2 questions. The first one is: I heard that Pixar is doing a film called "Dia de los Muertos" I was wondering if you would have a part in that moive. If not I think they should, It would be amazing. The Second one: Is have you ever thought of making a stage musical? Your songs have great character, and I can definitely see it on stage. Thank you very much for your time. Jorge Viveros
magic mushroom August 05, 2012 @12:32 pm
Would you ever do a stop motion film with Tim Burton and would you ever come to Virginia to do a concert?
CinemaDemencia August 03, 2012 @04:54 pm
Why you´re so sexy? Kidding, There are any posibilitys to see you in Argentina?? please!!
Ramone July 27, 2012 @07:48 pm
Voltaire what do you think about life? And Hi Orville! Voltaire is that perv with you?! xD
Cortlen July 27, 2012 @12:14 am
Dear Voltaire, Have you ever played vampire the masquerade or any of it's counterparts by white wolf publishing, if you have, what did you think of it?
Wulfric July 25, 2012 @10:42 am
Hello.Are you planning on reprinting the original Deady comics any time soon, and if not, as its out of print would you be willing to publish it for free online as it would be to no detriment to you, as you aren't planing on reprinting it and arn't going to be selling any more as there all sold out.
Torang Wildheart July 24, 2012 @09:58 pm
Hi Voltaire. Big fan of yours. Before I grow near the chance of rambling I would like to ask what led you to make the song Shalom? As a member of the jewish faith by blood, abeit not belief, I am quite curious as to how this song I have heard in synagogue many years ago had a gothic version of it made and put on the Devil's Bris album of yours.
Hive King July 23, 2012 @05:05 pm
I live in Lansing MI and there is little to none places to meet other people that are into goth scene that I've heard of. Would you know of any places were like minded individuals can meet up
EliiVoltairee July 23, 2012 @02:47 am
Hi Mr. Voltaire. I am from Costa Rica, I was just wondering if someday you would come to Central America? Also; what inspires you to write all your songs? Or mostly.. Love songs? I really admire you & you inspire me a lot. Thanks
jessla July 19, 2012 @06:01 am
hey, im from australia and im im a newbie to the goth show could you give me any tips as in the best places to buy clothes, whats the best books to rad for a newbie and stuff lik that? and also i so love chi chian it so awsomely kool lol :)
Donny J July 19, 2012 @12:51 am
Do you think you'll ever make an album with the music group Creature Feature?
Celso July 18, 2012 @11:44 am
Voltaire..can you please sing any of your new musics?
Christina Leeds July 18, 2012 @09:08 am
Who are the oddz???
sakuratheangel July 17, 2012 @10:43 pm
Are you a hero person or a villain person?
Luan July 17, 2012 @09:39 pm
Hello Voltaire, I am your great fan and I would like to konw if you are coming to brazil.
Tsusami July 17, 2012 @08:59 pm
Hello Voltaire, my question i hope is simple... will you release your music to be played on the music site Pandora. I get to listen to Pandora at work and having your music on there would make work so much more fun. Please & Thank you Hugs & Kisses
Zonagon July 17, 2012 @07:31 pm
Dear Voltaire, do you know where I can find good inspiration for making the title name for a Fantasy Adventure show? I've been able to create the Plot, Characters, Conflict, and even the Comic Relief. The only thing I'm stumped on is the NAME! So can you help me? Thank you for reading this. Have a nice Day, or night depending on when you read this... O_o
Kerrie July 17, 2012 @06:35 pm
Valkyrie Ryan July 14, 2012 @01:02 pm
Hii Voltaire!~ I've always wondered.. where did you get that awesome hat? (and the rest of your awesome clothes?) I really love it! Such an epic thing~ Have a nice day ^-^
Jordan Aldersley July 14, 2012 @11:29 am
Greetings Voltaire, how is your day going? (that is not the main question I'd like to ask, though i haven't seen anyone else ask you that) I was just wondering if you had any clue as to what notes are played on bass throughout the Boo Hoo album, I apologize if there isn't actually any bass on it, I just thought I could hear it
JuddLett July 12, 2012 @06:07 am
Hi, Mr. Voltaire! You are the best in this dark world! When can we watch your next "How to play"? And why never a single word for your fans from Russia :( ? So many Russian gals (and guys) are crazy about you :) We still keep hope to see you in our country. You are welcome! Good luck!
Spencer c July 12, 2012 @01:26 am
Hello Voltaire my name is spencer and I am a huge fan of yours you have inspired me to play the guitar and write song but I have some questions can you give me some tips on how to get my demo to a label Thank you
Undertaker July 11, 2012 @03:16 pm
Voltaire have you ever been to Hungary before and if not would you like to play here? I would very much love to see you perform.
Wemmie July 11, 2012 @03:08 am
I was just wondering, about how much do you charge for autographs at concerts and such? Thank you, love your music!
julian vere smith July 07, 2012 @05:20 pm
voltaire I'm at school at the momment and i have a very gothic personalerty but no one in the school really knows, cares or wants to know anything about gothic culture but worst of all our school has a really strict uniform polercy so i carnet wear what i want to so i figured if i had a email from you exsplaining what goth is then they might get of my back.
Saskia (CatacombxKitten) July 06, 2012 @07:03 pm
I was wondering, what's the story behind 'Peace in the Holy Land'. I think it's fantastic, by the way.
killercylol July 06, 2012 @04:33 am
you sir an an amazing man .....plus you look like wwe's CM Punk i have so many questions but so little time :(
ashley July 06, 2012 @01:24 am
dear voltaire, you are my hero and i wanted to say thank you, please come back to san francisco soon for a show, my question was will you ever make a special box set with all your cds and your two books "what is goth and paint it black" that would be awesome! thank you!
IAN July 05, 2012 @03:56 pm
Hi. Are you ever going to do a box set of all your albums? Are there any stores that I can buy your alums brand new and that does not include online stores?
havalah jones July 04, 2012 @02:54 am
dear voltaire, not so much a question but a statement. please if at all posible you should come to davenport iowa. sad to say there is NOT a big goth scean here, but you do have people who love you here. please think about it. thankyou
RedChesire June 29, 2012 @12:06 am
Mr. Voltaire? I'm a huge fan of yours, so I wanted to ask you this. 1: How do you come up with your songs? 2:Where can I find Deady merchandise, or has production ended? Thank you so much.
Dark Mona June 27, 2012 @12:07 pm
Good evening, Voltaire! I really love your music and your art - actually everything you do is very inspiring to me. I live in Germany though, so of course I have to ask if there is any chance of you coming to Germany any time soon? It would be great to see you at one of those many festivals and conventions we have! And by the way: You look amazing for your age ;)
467shadow June 24, 2012 @10:46 pm
Dear Lord Voltaire, What truly inspired you to make deady also i want to know what do you think about Adventure Quest Worlds i play and i wanna know if it's truly your type of game style (AKA mmorpg) From 467shadow (also the same one on youtube)
Johnny.S June 24, 2012 @08:58 pm
Part2) Ever gonna show us your house and it was a lot of video games all hail lord VOLTAIRE
Johnny.S June 24, 2012 @08:33 pm
Hey Voltaire you one of my hero's do you play a lot and what do you think about video games
SkullWolf97 June 23, 2012 @11:09 pm
Dear Mister Lord Voltaire Recently i discovered your music and, oh bloody hell, you are awesome. I remember you for BRAINS! in the grim adventures of billy and mandy when i was only 6 years old or something like that but now i love your music and all the things you do. I also draw and do comics (i have an account on Deviantart, you can go and have a look at it, i mean! if you want of course) even i make a character for a history almost like you, and i want to be a musician almost greater like you! :D My name was also taked from an artist (guess you're name too), im mexican and like you when i was kid i always prefer dark and skeletons. Okay sorry, here's my question Dead Girls is one of my favorites songs, could you please tell me what was the purpose of writing it? I always imagine the hunchback of Notre Dame or The Phantom of the Opera as the protagonist of that song but can you tell me what was youre real inspiration? Thanks for reading it (if you read it, but if not its okay ;D)
Caveman June 23, 2012 @07:55 pm
Tell us about your clothes, I'm interested in the hat. How long have you had it? Where did you get it? How do you come up with your various styles in clothing?
theBirdOfHermes June 21, 2012 @07:32 pm
would you have any advice for some one who has ALREADY made a graphic novel and wants to get it published?
joshfromga June 21, 2012 @04:30 pm
To expand upon what Brad & caitlyn asked, how many languages do you speak? btw, as i'm typing this the captcha is "kana, throoky". weird coincidence...
OlafTheViking June 20, 2012 @04:29 pm
dear Voltaire i was just reading some of your blogs and i did read the blog : "Can you email my friend?" "Can you call my friend?" "Can I propose at your show?" : so i want to tell you i'm sorry asking to say hi to a friend :( could you PLZ forgive me ?
Alice June 19, 2012 @05:22 pm
when will your book "What is Goth?" be available again? or where can i find it? Thanks
Creepy Crawley June 17, 2012 @01:41 am
What were some of the early bands from the 80s that made you want to play music?
Celina Alejandra June 13, 2012 @07:19 pm
¿Donde inspiraste tus canciones?, ¿Cómo haces para ponerles nombre? -realmente pensar en un nombre para algo es difícil- ¿donde compraste el collar tan fantástico de la llave que tienes al cuello? -¿te casarías conmigo? ok no XP- ¿ Podrías contestarme en español? me encanta cuando hablas en español, adoro la canción del "Barquito de cascara de nuez".... ¿Vendrás alguna vez a México (Guadalajara, Jalisco, mas exacto) a hacer alguna presentación?, creo que esta dificil , pero de igual forma, agradesco tu gran trabajo :) y disculpa lo acosador que sonó el comentario, no sé por cierto ¿tus canciones tienen algún significado importante en tu vida?
The Godess's Chosen Hero June 13, 2012 @12:31 pm
What inspires you to write music?
Alexei June 13, 2012 @02:45 am
How hard is some of the many questions your asked, is it to answer with a straight face? But I guess that comes with us loving you so much that we do tend to get over excited about Voltaire's life.
RAWR June 12, 2012 @03:57 pm
Haiii <3 Who does the art work for your cds ...mainly riding a black unicorn ? I was asked the question whille doing a presentation on you for music and I never knew <#
Oliver Morassut June 12, 2012 @05:49 am
Hi Voltaire, Just want to say I love your work, and was wondering, wether you are ever going to do a tour in Sydney? -oliver
Takioshi Satahi June 12, 2012 @03:24 am
Voltaire, do you have any new songs coming up for Adventure Quest World's Friday the 13th next month?
Corey June 11, 2012 @11:32 am
your * -.-
Corey June 11, 2012 @11:27 am
Hi Voltaire, im 15 and from England, and i love youre music, ive been making and writing music since i was about 10, and playing guitar since i was 8, ive learned (or tried too) almost all of your songs, and id love to write music like yours, have you got any tips? i always seem to get writers block, Thanks, and love your music :)
Gwendalyn June 11, 2012 @10:56 am
Hi, Voltaire. Have you ever heard of the bands creature feature and/or rufus rex? If not you need to check them out. Thanks for reading. -from one of your biggest fans!
Christa Rz June 10, 2012 @07:41 pm
Hey, Voltaire. I have been a fan of yours practically all my life and I always wanted to be a famous singer/song writer. I never really decided to make it happen until I found out about Creature Feature (a really awesome band). I just want to know if you give me any advise on becoming famous? (I already put my singing on youtube. look it up if you want http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZfg72Jeaz0 I'm singing the chourus to body in revolt by rufus rex).
Mark June 10, 2012 @04:34 pm
Can you put tabs of your songs on this website and are you ever going to go to England.
MrTillLindelman June 10, 2012 @05:01 am
HEY VOLTAIRE ! I love your song, and i've got 2 question 1° do you play videogame ? 2° can you read this in italian :3 ? Ciao a tutti sono Voltaire You must read it :3 bye !
yourharbor June 09, 2012 @09:33 am
Hi Voltaire! I know that you are a college professor in addition to everything else that you do. As a future teacher and big fan of yours, I am curious about your feelings on teaching. This is kind of a generic question, but what do you enjoy most about teaching? Thanks so much for reading!
Oodd June 09, 2012 @04:49 am
I noticed you acknowledge My Little Pony. So, who is your favorite pony?
Michael June 08, 2012 @06:20 pm
Voltaire! I know how much you hate New Jersey (as do we) but when do you think you will be returning to your home state? I really want to hear you play "Bomb New Jersey" IN New Jersey.
anonymous June 08, 2012 @05:26 am
dear Voltaire have you heard of Bruce Springsteen and are you a fan of his music? also do you know any good gothic bands for people who listen to pop, rock and folk music?
O-dog June 07, 2012 @11:46 pm
if you could pick to be any undead/evil creature what would it be and why?
Danny June 07, 2012 @11:54 am
I have another question since someone pretty much asked it in Ask Voltaire 3. So my new one is if you have ever heard of a band by the name of Nox Arcana? Their genre is called Dark Ambient, combining music and sounds to make creepy and haunting atmospheres.
Danny June 07, 2012 @11:12 am
Hey Voltaire, my question is: When did you first get into the whole goth thing or have you kinda been like that all your life?
Deborah June 06, 2012 @09:10 pm
Would you rather: Lick the elbow of a Slow Loris OR Stand naked in a swamp over night in the middle of summer
FungusBungus June 06, 2012 @08:53 pm
Are you a brony? =D /) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Est3UNs-LIk&feature=g-all-c
Rebecca Verity Knee June 06, 2012 @03:32 pm
Hello Mr Voltaire do you love the old school romantic concept of vampires and werewolves? because i love the bad assery (made up word) of old school vamps and werewolves not the modern day version :/ Also really big fan of yours and fellow (red headed) Goth :) (United kingdom)
Epicwinface June 05, 2012 @03:39 am
What is the difference between a duck?
Tony June 04, 2012 @10:08 pm
What chords do you play in Anniversary? I cannot find any tab for that song, and have been trying to play it by ear, but the violin overpowers the guitar. I like playing your songs, and have always loved that one. Thanks.
Ethan June 03, 2012 @11:57 pm
Hey Voltaire, I was wondering what you think would have been your worst album you released?
Niño de Juárez June 03, 2012 @04:54 pm
Voltaire, I've been listening to Dia de Los Muertos all day, and this question came up to me: Will you ever do anymore Spanish songs, or a Spanish album with Spanish songs only? I would love to hear more of your Spanish singing. ;)
Julia Steinmetz June 03, 2012 @02:32 pm
I would like to know, if I can get/buy sheet music of your songs somewhere. Chords aren't enough help for me... And I want to thank you for being so nice to your fans and answering their questions. In return, I want to give you an uplifting quote by my favourite author, Terry Pratchett: "Give a man a fire and he's warm for the day. But set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life." Have you ever read one of his books?
dark will June 01, 2012 @09:52 pm
i have two. One why do you never play in alberta canada. Two are you a demi-god of hades you dark magic singer man.
Jay13 June 01, 2012 @07:37 pm
When are we to expect the next series of How To Play? Or at least some tabs or chord charts. I'm too much a dunce to play by ear, so I want some help. I'm looking for, in particular, "Hallo Elskan Min," "Graveyard Picnic," and, "Feathery Wings." Even if your videos are slow, I appreciate that you make them, and I DO use them. I especially liked The Trouble With Tribbles, haha! Almost sang it at a small school function of like, 30 people. Clearly ended in disaster, haha, ended up singing Ex Lover's Lover.
Unknown Guitarist June 01, 2012 @09:43 am
Hello Voltaire, I only have one question: Would you mind doing tutorials to play your songs? I was searching for tabs and chords of Day of the Dead but I got nothing, then I watched some live videos but I can't understand what you do. It would be great if you do tutorials. Thank you.
OlafTheViking June 01, 2012 @09:42 am
1: is the song "Happy birthday my olde friend" for orville ? 2: have you ever been in Holland ? 3: what do you think of a song about vikings ? ( you would do me a very big favor making one :D ) finaly i want to say if you answer this question could you say hi in the video to my best friend :P she will know she is the one i want to say hi in a special way XD thank you for your time reading this :)
The Dark One May 31, 2012 @01:54 am
I have 2 Questions for you. 1st: Have you ever done a concert or plan to have one around the California/Nevada are. 2nd Why are you in the game Adventure Quest Worlds?
That guy outside your window May 30, 2012 @07:43 pm
why do you go by Voltaire, is that your real name or simply a stage one for that matter?
Tsusami May 30, 2012 @07:03 pm
Greetings Voltair, My question is a simple one....I would like to know if you are gonna allow the music station Pandora play your music? I have looked for your name on there several times but they cannot find you. This makes me sad cause I love listening to your music, but sadly at work I can only listen to Pandora. So I hope to find you soon on Pandora. Hugs & Kisses
Amon May 29, 2012 @08:06 pm
this is a three part Q: hey what else do you have coming up for your fans on AQ.com. And who's your fav Mod/ Dev And Could you bring some wickedness into my small town of Temcula CA?
sebastion vrail May 29, 2012 @07:23 pm
hey there voltaire i was wondering where did you get the idea for "happy birthday my olde friend"?
Lucifer Daily (LUCY) May 29, 2012 @07:17 pm
Deear Voltaire, Hello my lover! I was wondering if you watch anime? If so, which do you like? Do you play video games? If so which are your favorite? Knowing that you are goth, I'm going to guess you DO watch anime and you DO play video games. I'm going to guess Castlevania: SOTN is your favorite. But you might not... Sincerely, LUCY.
GothicFairytale May 29, 2012 @03:01 pm
do you get inspired when you make toys and such? if so, by who? is there any place i can buy your books "what is goth" and "paint it black" except from ebay.. ? aaaaaaaand where do you buy your clothes?
adam hardy May 29, 2012 @02:55 pm
hi Voltaire would you ever make a stop motion animation for The Beast of Pirates Bay song? I think it would make for a great music video.
sean May 28, 2012 @08:50 pm
what drove you to make your videos,and why are they so dark and gloomy? i'm not complaining ,their great but.....why?
TheGothicCowboy May 28, 2012 @05:05 pm
Do you have any cures for writers block?
Revan May 28, 2012 @03:09 pm
First I would just like to say thanks for all of the great music you have made; Now for the questions, I would first like to ask what has influenced you the most as far as music goes? Secondly What was it like working with the staff of Artix Entertainment for AQWorlds? Finally, would you perform for parties (birthday, or whatever) with a small gathering of five to ten people?
M. Allan May 28, 2012 @11:42 am
Someone mentioned once that you and Tim Burton would make an awesome pair, and since I love both you and Tim Burton, that would just make my life. This got me wondering, what are your feelings on Tim Burton, and if you ever got the chance, would you work with him?
kim enriquez May 28, 2012 @12:27 am
are you like goth or a pirate goth?
Todes_Schnitzel May 27, 2012 @08:57 pm
Do you came on the gamescom this year? And yes, I am from Germany and my english is a piece of shit. :)
BotulismFreak May 26, 2012 @04:51 pm
Will interviews with fellow musicians and other prominent members of the goth community become a regular feature on the Lair of Voltaire? I really enjoy discovering new artists and learning a lot about them.
MBPoland May 26, 2012 @02:17 am
Will DEADY: BIG IN JAPAN toy be ever availabe again? Or maybe only Deady himself?
Jessy May 25, 2012 @09:37 pm
Do think Marilyn Manson is a good musician and have you met him before.
Mariposas May 25, 2012 @09:10 pm
Hey! Can I draw you?
Foolish Arachni May 25, 2012 @01:21 am
Hello, Ever since I first heard Goodnight Demonslayer I have been obsesesed with wanting to learn how to play it on my violin. Is there any way that I could get sheet music for this? I would be eternally grateful, and willing to pay money for it (although not too much money hopefully for I am but a poor art school student).
Hannah Young May 25, 2012 @01:02 am
Do you have any favorite movies or TV shows? If so what are they?
Damon May 24, 2012 @10:25 pm
Hey, I was wondering what kind of guitar you have and where you got it, Thank you :)
L halk May 23, 2012 @04:36 pm
1) can i add you on aqw? 2) if there any posable way to get lyrics sheats for your songs and 3) do you know anywhere some1 could get some cool golth cloths or rings and so on (p.s. if you awnser this question ill send you a black unicorn cookie)
Laughing Magician May 23, 2012 @10:18 am
Seeing how you create your own comics, I assume you must have had some reading experience as well, so do you have a favourite comic book? And if you do, have you ever had an idea to write a song based on it?
Gabriel Edwards May 22, 2012 @08:28 pm
I saw you're video post on facebook and I HAVE to ask, are you a brony? If not then do you like them, and do you ever think you'll be one? I've loved your music for a long time and when I saw you post that (Btw I'm a brony) I was like... NO WAY!
Jimmy Bloed May 21, 2012 @06:36 am
Are you ever coming back to New Zealand? I've been a big fan since a few days after your concert earlier this year.
Marquis Fuego May 20, 2012 @07:39 am
My girlfriend has a really morbid sense of humour and in a couple moths we will have been together for a year she is my first girlfriend and i want to do something morbid and special any ideas?
Ville The Dark Lord May 17, 2012 @10:54 am
Hello, are you coming to sweden someday? I have been dying to see you! Are you scared of vikings or something!? Anyway.. Come here please! Sincerely, The Dark Lord PS: Du är alltid välkommen i Norrköping! (You are always welcome in Norrköping!)
Voltaire's#1fan May 16, 2012 @05:36 pm
voltaire when will you show us how to put together that deady sculpchure?
Nihil May 16, 2012 @12:44 pm
How did you meet Orville?
Ducky May 16, 2012 @12:13 am
I heard the songs "Goodnight Demonslayer" and "Beast of Pirates Bay" on a flash game called Apples in a Tree and loved both the game and the mood of the songs so much that I discovered you as an artist. I'm curious to know your relation to the game since in the description the programmer mentions that he sang the songs making me think that you created the game however based from what I've scene on this site it doesn't mention anywhere that your a programmer leading me to be confused how everything all ties together. Any chance on clearing any of this up for me?
anonymous May 12, 2012 @06:14 pm
whats MY favorite song
Rinikex May 09, 2012 @04:57 pm
Was the thing about cooking and eating cats another of your jokes? Maybe a reference to Deady or ALF? I'm just wondering because I really like cats and would hate for anything bad to happen to them.
Miljan May 07, 2012 @05:13 pm
Hey, Mr. Voltaire! I really like your songs, especially the ones in other languages, such as Hallo Elskan Min. Is it possible for you to record a song partly in Slovenian/Hungarian?
Joel H. May 06, 2012 @01:03 am
Hey I Was Wondering If You Were Heard From Your Old Friend Mr. Orvel-dead-and-bucker? And If You Would Ever Do A Project With Jhonen Vasquez?
The Doctor May 04, 2012 @06:28 pm
Voltaire Can I make A parody of one of your songs thanks
Jordan May 02, 2012 @02:37 pm
Hello, Sir Voltaire. I was kinda wondering how you got all these wonderful ideas for songs? Do you just randomly think of them, or are they inspired by anything especially? Thanks. :D
Jordan May 02, 2012 @02:35 pm
Hi, Mr. Voltaire. I remember you said that you like dogs and I was wondering what your favourite breed was? :)
Seth Winward May 01, 2012 @09:03 pm
I'm a huge fan and I have two questios for you-will you ever do a show up in Canada? (Specifically the Toronto area) because I live in Southern Ontario and I wish I could see you live! Also, the ship in To the Bottom of the Sea-was it based on anything real or did you just make it up?
TimBurtonIsAmazing May 01, 2012 @02:31 pm
What are the lyrics to El Barquito De Nuez in English? Actually, I don't even need the exact lyrics, I'd just like to know what the song's about, and as usual, translation sites are only confusing me more, and no one online (who speaks Spanish) has thought to translate them, so Ii thought I'd go straight to the source.
The Witch April 30, 2012 @09:00 pm
Your site is playing bad, evil jokes with me. I am afraid of nothing like this, so I shall try again, and time I shall succeed! I have never been an artist \ Know nothing about rhymes \ but in this task I shall persist \ and go on with these linguistic crimes! \ I must the close future investigate \ And ask you with no more delay \ If coming to Brazil is your fate \ And if in São Paulo soon will you play \. I want you to come to my city \ And perform your weird show \ and I shall be nice and pretty \ but if you do not come my rage will grow \ I shall cast an evil evil devil spell \ Maybe a kind of modern voodoo \ And I shall ring a magic bell \ That can, very fast, bring me you! \
The Witch April 30, 2012 @08:56 pm
I have never been an artist Know nothing about rhymes but in this task I shall persist and go on with these linguistic crimes! I must the close future investigate And ask you with no more delay If coming to Brazil is your fate And if in São Paulo soon will you play. I want you to come to my city And perform your weird show and I shall be nice and pretty but if you do not come my rage will grow I shall cast an evil evil devil spell Maybe a kind of modern voodoo And I shall ring a magic bell That can, very fast, bring me you!
Featherpig April 30, 2012 @12:53 pm
Mr Voltaire, When will you be coming to England? Specifically London MCM expo? :3 All of my love, Me <3
Alexandros April 30, 2012 @12:15 pm
Hey! Is there any chance that you will make a show in Greece? We would love it! Thanks!
cap'n kennet April 30, 2012 @06:34 am
have you ever thought about writing a musical with your music? because you have diverse themes in your music you could easily write one with a convincing storyline, also some of your songs can be matched up for example the headless waltz and stakes and torches and the industrial revolution.... it would be amazing
MorriganGBK April 30, 2012 @01:43 am
You are a man with such an amazing talent and creativity, my question is: "Where does your inspiration comes from?" any role models?
Shea April 30, 2012 @12:25 am
What bands do you listen to in general? By any chance do you listen to Kamelot or Dream Theater? Also, what is your all time favorite band?
Morgan Allan April 29, 2012 @10:18 pm
I just recently watched your Nooseletter, and you said 'If you have a goth promotor in your city somewhere in Europe, if there's a horror convention, go and tell them there's this crazy guy we wanna see' (direct quote) and I was just wondering if the same thing applied for Canada. I know you occasionally get out to cities near the border, but I was just wondering if arranging one would be possible.
blackdeathskulls April 29, 2012 @05:46 pm
I would like to start off by saying that I love your music, Vlogs, and films. I would like to ask, what would you do if someone you cared about hated your Goth style so much they contricted your wearing of it. My mother finds it "utterly disgusting and not professional in the least." and says I am not allowed to wear it while in her house. I care about my mom, but I hate being told I can't do what makes me happy. So, I was wondering what you would do.
Frosty April 29, 2012 @11:08 am
Hey Voltaire. I must say, I love all your albums (Especially your self-released ones), and I'm wondering why you chose to release them on your own, and how that's going for you. Is it more fun or more work or more rewarding financially or spiritually, for lack of a better word? Thanks
Melissa April 28, 2012 @02:19 pm
I was curious, so I had to ask you. Have you seen "The Raven" with John Cusack yet? I figured, since you have a song purely about Poe, that you would be just as excited as I to view it. It was not very favorable to me, however. I am just curious to hear your opinion on the movie.
Tina Pop April 26, 2012 @10:21 pm
It is wonderful to see you play solo. The recorded versions of some of your songs have a completely different dynamic often due to the haunting violins & accordians. It would be amazing to see you play with your full band but I gather it is cost prohibitive to tour them all and wondered whether you ever, or have ever considered, using session musicians when touring.
Alessandra April 25, 2012 @02:02 am
Greeting and salutations from Venezuela. I have a question: Has your Spanish gone rusty? Do you speak Spanish to your children? ¿No te ha llegado un momento en el que se te olvida una palabra o en el que agarras acento gringo? Have you ever wanted to learn another language? How many languages do you speak? Also, I lied, how wicked! Last question: After hearing Vampire Club I think that you were a little vampire boy playing some White Wolf game when you were young. Is this the case? If so, do you remember the character(s) that you used? You made me learn about those role playing games without actually playing them, so I have to ask: Favorite vampire clan? Alright, alright, I lied again; I’m so terrible! The third and final question is: In any kind of artistic media, original names are needed and appreciated. So, what advice would you give to someone who wants to give their characters original sounding names? And a fourth question, yes, lying is a severe problem. Did you have a favourite cartoon growing up? And would like to work doing voice acting professionally or as a hobby?
Raevynkor April 23, 2012 @11:41 pm
Let's see.....I can ask you a bunch of questions, but I'll ask one, for now. I'm in the process of writing a novel, but sometimes I just get, well, meh, writer's block. Can you give me some tips as to how to surpass it or something?
Jericho Luther April 22, 2012 @11:59 pm
Will you ever print What is Goth? again, so that we don't have to pay $40 for a copy?
Jesus Madrid April 22, 2012 @09:20 pm
Voltaire, have you ever thought of participating in Video Games?
Deady's comin for you......... April 22, 2012 @11:33 am
when will you make a book of how to be gothic?
Voltaire's#1fan April 22, 2012 @11:03 am
what whould you wrather eat? a dead cow or apile of garbage?And sorry about my grammer.
Voltaire's#1fan April 22, 2012 @10:58 am
you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flavyia April 21, 2012 @11:40 am
When will you come to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Volttie-pon? ~:D
Austin April 21, 2012 @10:56 am
Have you ever thought of making music for other Cartoons, like when you did for The Grim Advntures of Billy and Mandy?
Austin April 21, 2012 @10:54 am
Were did u get your amzing top hat. I absolutely love it and want to get one myself.
Jericho luther April 21, 2012 @10:38 am
I know i am a day late (i was a bit preoccupied yesterday *ahem*) but happy 420 Voltaire!
lonnie April 21, 2012 @01:34 am
have you ever thought of writing a musical movie?
Yur April 20, 2012 @07:35 pm
If you were a pop tart, what flavor pop tart would you be? P.S. If that isn't an original question, I don't know what is.
PsychoPorcelainDoll April 20, 2012 @03:34 am
Okay I have a few questions. 1. Marvel or DC? 2. I know this one is asking a lot of you, but I was wondering if you could go on cam for a friend of mine? He's a big fan of yours and he literally said this, "I wish I was as metal as Voltaire", so you're kind of like a big influence to him. I thought it might be a nice thing for him because he's been there for me for almost a year now and he's done so much for me. 3. May I have a hug the next time you're in San Diego? 4. I know this one is really weird and out there, and I'm probably going to get some weird remarks from this, but will you be the "father" I've always wanted? (Sorry if that one was really weird.)
Cyber Wolf April 19, 2012 @01:49 pm
When will you be doing a proper tour around the UK? I saw you in Whitby and you signed my "Riding a Black Unicorn" poster, which was great, sadly I can't always go to Whitby Goth Weekend so I would love to see you tour England fully (Mainly Sheffield)
Jericho Luther April 19, 2012 @09:27 am
I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Westboro Baptist Church. Surely you have heard of them? I was also wondering if ever you would sing in protest to the things they say at their events. I believe in the freedom of speech but in saying that then I believe in protesting them as well.
Eudoxia April 18, 2012 @04:02 pm
Hey Voltaire, How are you doing? Do you have some new idea's for a new album already? Maybe something about how the Goth Scence has changed over the years..from punk to goth to cybergoth to emo and so on... Greetz from the Netherlands!
Look Back And Dont Stare April 18, 2012 @03:21 pm
Me and my friends are starting a band called Look Back And Dont Stare, Or L.B.A.D.S Or LBADS, I've wrote a song but the problem is that none of us can sing...Well...with 2 where not sure cause we havent heared them and 1 has stage fright. They say I can sing but other people have told me I cant...So any advise on that...Also any advise on the band etc... Thnx - Skittlez P.s. That's my nickname cause I love Skittles so much
Skittlez April 18, 2012 @03:18 pm
Heyzzz...I heared you use to get bullied so I came to you for advise...People in school bully me cause I talk to fast...What should I do? - Skittlez
SIR TIME April 18, 2012 @10:41 am
Dear Voltaire I have been wonderring for some time what did you make music for the first time ? And how did you come up with the idear of makeing Deady ?? Your friend and biggest fan Timm Rumle Bjarnaa
:) April 17, 2012 @05:46 pm
have you ever had a really kind/ helpful fan?
:) April 17, 2012 @05:43 pm
when will you next play in the uk
Adrenaline Diamond April 16, 2012 @06:24 pm
Ok, I have a bunch of questions: 1) If a fan asked you if you would come over for dinner, what would you say? 2) Would you really ask someone to bake a cake for your neighbour if they asked you to sign an autograph or make a call to one of their friends? 3) How did you get the idea to make your key? 4) How did you come across your favourite music? 5) what are your favourite CURRENT bands? 6) Why do you hate New Jersey so much? WE LOVE YOU VOLTAIRE!!!
Alex Meed April 16, 2012 @05:38 pm
Did you like and play AQW ?
VulpineVixen April 16, 2012 @03:26 pm
Are seem to be a well read person... do you read gothic novels?
Supa_Rhino April 16, 2012 @02:25 am
What exactly made you wish to become a musician?
robert hernandez April 15, 2012 @10:57 pm
also i would want to grow up and be a music man like awesome singer and great player on that awesome guitar you got
robert hernandez April 15, 2012 @10:52 pm
voltaire you are the best singer ever since i heard your song riding a black unicorn i started liking your songs you are the best singer ever!!!!!!
Andrei April 15, 2012 @10:15 pm
Voltaire what is your favorite online games? like aqw,aq, etch.
Rosane The Hero April 15, 2012 @09:29 am
Ok, So I have a ton of Questions, 1. Where is all the places I can get your stuff? I know the Web Store is one, but is that the only one? 2. Any Time soon in your plans as for shows, are you planning to Visit the Central Mid-West Area Of the United states of America? ( Is like the biggest fan ever *Fan girl scream* ) 3. Who all have you worked with as For Item-wise, Such as Books, Deady Dolls, and Ectera? Before, I had a Million Questions, but now that i actualy get to ask them, My mind went blank. Thanks for making a spot where your fans get to ask tons of questions, and with a life like yours, it's probably Stressful and that kind of Stuff. ~ Rosane The Hero (Just call me Rose for short >.< )
Black Vs. White April 14, 2012 @08:55 pm
Will you release a Sci-fi Goth song or album 'cuz i really love futuristic songs
Jesus Madrid April 14, 2012 @06:37 pm
Voltaire, are you a Brony?
gabi April 14, 2012 @04:09 pm
How can it be, that one and the same person makes a song like The Industrial Revolution AND creates toys "available as prizes at all of the major amusement parks as well as in crane machines at Walmart, Toys R Us, etc. "??? (presumably produced by underpayed, underage workers in China?)
kim April 14, 2012 @12:28 am
ugh hey how cost to buy your unicorn commander badge and the key y6our wearing in the neck then ill buy
Nativ April 13, 2012 @10:21 am
Hello voltaire! I must say i think i am one of youre biggest fans (at least here in israel) And i simply adore youre style. This is not a "when will you" question, but WILL you ever perform in Israel?
Awen April 13, 2012 @09:38 am
My friends arnt really into my taste in music and are always on about pop songs, bands etc...But it's annoying that I want to talk about bands and singers I like like you Black Veil Brides and Paramore, what should I do? Also im wondering if you ever have or considered having a concert in wales?
Joshandpingu April 13, 2012 @06:41 am
Do you have a character on AdventureQuest Worlds?
Lili April 12, 2012 @11:49 pm
Voltaire. My friends and I really love your Riding a Black Unicorn album. I love it so much, I even dedicated an entire D&D campaign to you and your songs. We fought the Beast of Pirates Bay and most of the monsters from Land of the Dead. But I think the most epic part of it all was when I actually tipped my players off that the level 40 prophetic bard was you. They got a real kick out of your Nightmare mount. So do you ever play tabletop games like that?
Raven April 12, 2012 @02:25 am
How did you make the all the costume that you wear?
Nami April 11, 2012 @06:23 pm
First of all, I just have to say that I love your music really much, keep up the god work!(And yes, I mean god, not good..) Second of all, do you have any tips for a newbie that wants to write a complete song with both vocal and guitar? I have the text but I just can't come up with a melody that souds good. Any help, at all would be great, thank you!^-^
DevinTheDevil April 10, 2012 @01:16 am
Voltaire, you are amazing and i have been listening to your songs for many years. I was curious though, do you write all of your songs?
Racoony April 09, 2012 @12:53 pm
Hey Mr. Aurelio! Do You have an account on World of Warcraft?? If so, wich one is? Sorry for my english...
natalie April 09, 2012 @11:35 am
sleep with me?
MorriganGBK April 09, 2012 @03:40 am
You are a man with such an amazing talent and creativity, my question is: "Where does your inspiration comes from?" any role models?
John April 08, 2012 @06:58 pm
Question: Have you ever thought about giving Mr. Orville Deadenbacker a voice? Maybe when he comes back from his escapade? I'm amused at his comments and was thinking what it would be like if he "found" new vocal chords.
I_Riku April 08, 2012 @07:30 am
You have played so many styles of music- Western, Gothic, folk, sea shanty (Y'know, all the best ones)- Which one(s) have you enjoyed playing most?
Robert April 08, 2012 @03:04 am
Whats your beef with Jersey? You mention its destruction. what you would do to see it blown up, and what I'm taking as your opinion that its worse than hell in your songs and films. sincerely,a semi-anonymous fan.
Ethan T April 07, 2012 @12:55 pm
I have several questions, I don't know if you have any rules regarding such a thing, but I guess I'll know next time! Anyway, what kind(s) of music did you like to listen to when you were a child? What do you think of the Fantasy Metal genre, with groups such as Blind Guardian and Rhapsody of Fire; also, what do you think of the Symphonic Metal genre, for example Within Temptation, Nightwish, and Leaves' Eyes? What is your opinion on The Beatles, Elton John, and 60s/70s music in general? Do you even have an opinion on them? Lastly, where can I buy your "Zombie Prostitute" CD? I can't find it anywhere, and your cover of David Bowie's "China Girl" is the best cover song I've heard in a long time. I didn't think that song could have a sexier vocalist, but then you came along.
Jesus Madrid April 05, 2012 @10:51 am
Will you make a replica of the Kay Blade thing?
Jesus Madrid April 04, 2012 @09:34 pm
Hello Voltaire, have you ever thought about participating in movies?
Bobby gecko April 04, 2012 @12:57 am
hiya!!! few questions is graveyard picnic based off of a chapter in eternal darkness for gamecube, I get the edgar allen poe characters but it just flows so well with one of the characters and chapters in that game also i was wondering if you could teach us out of reach, that is my favoritve song of all noise that can ever be made. and, did you write if only i were a goth?
Fletcher April 02, 2012 @10:02 pm
Hello, Voltaire, good sir. I was wondering where you get all your inspiration from (especially for songs like Dead Girls, Ex Lover's Lover, Robber Baron, Let it Go, Blue-Eyed Matador and Reggae Mortis)? Thanks in advance. :)
Maverick April 02, 2012 @10:00 pm
Hello, Voltaire, sir. I was wondering if you're ever gonna cover songs from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas or Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. I love both films and was just wondering if you were ever going to cover a song or two from either. :)
Jordan April 02, 2012 @07:53 pm
Hi, Voltaire, sir. First of all, love your music! I'm listening to Ex Lover's Lover as I write this. :) But my question is: Are you homophobic? I know, weird question. But I've noticed you mention gay people in a couple of your songs, and your opinions of them seem to change each time. So, I was just wondering what your views on homosexuality were...? Sincerely, a loyal fan (who can't wait for BiTrekual!)
Zenna April 02, 2012 @06:47 pm
My friend isn't really keen on the whole 'dark humor' side of the music spectrum, but I'd love to introduce her to the awesomeness that is your music. Any tips on how to ease her in without freaking her out?
Ellie Kiosses April 02, 2012 @08:18 am
Hey! This is not really a question, more like a suggestion or statement. You should do a song with Adam Ant mainly because both of you are equally as awsome and incredibly brilliant!
ImNoddingOff April 02, 2012 @07:48 am
After several years of playing "Goodnight Demon Slayer" to all three of my nieces at bed time, much to my brother's chagrin, It's once again come to me to answer one of those questions about life that children ask. So, Voltaire, would you kindly explain to my three nieces and your dedicated fans ... Where do babies come from?
Emily April 01, 2012 @02:15 pm
i posted this on your youtube channel, not realizing that i was supposed to post it here, so here goes. : I've been in a choir since i was 7 or so, i'm now 15. but even through all of the training and everything, i'm still not fully satisfied with my voice. any tips on how i can improve?
Pocket-sized March 31, 2012 @03:00 pm
Hello there Voltaire kind sir! I already posted this question on your Youtube channel but just in case, I'll post it here aswell. A sudden urge on one day told me to buy your "To the Bottom of the Sea" album, however I noticed that only the digital download version was available on cdbaby. Normally I wouldn't mind this much but I don't want any of your awesome songs sitting blandly in my hard drive. Will there be more "To the Bottom of the Sea" albums for sale anytime soon? Sincerely, a rabid collector.
Pocket-sized March 31, 2012 @03:00 pm
Hello there Voltaire kind sir! I already posted this question on your Youtube channel but just in case, I'll post it here aswell. A sudden urge on one day told me to buy your "To the Bottom of the Sea" album, however I noticed that only the digital download version was available on cdbaby. Normally I wouldn't mind this much but I don't want any of your awesome songs sitting blandly in my hard drive. Will there be more "To the Bottom of the Sea" albums for sale anytime soon? Sincerely, a rabid collector.
Martin March 31, 2012 @01:40 pm
What kind of guitar strings do you use
Xreoth March 30, 2012 @10:25 pm
Hello Voltaire, I was wondering what originally inspired you to start writing songs? Surely there must be a reason. If you could answer this, I'd be VERY grateful. -Sips from a chalice filled with the laughter full of small children- ~Xreoth (That's pronounced Ecks Ree Awth!)
fred flinstone March 30, 2012 @05:20 am
this is actually more than one question, but i was hoping to get away with getting more than one answer, when you wrote songs like almost human, ex lovers lover and the chosen which are a lot different than what you are doing today (or it seems like it to me) what state of mind were you in and why is it that those songs (not just those specifically but ones with similar subject matter) seem to be discussed a lot less? is it that you simply aren't in the same state of mind as you were then or just that their hasn't been time/reasons to discuss them?
Monky March 30, 2012 @01:23 am
Dearest Voltaire, do people ever send you love letters?
Aix March 29, 2012 @02:40 am
Hello there Mr! :D OMG! I see you have a LOT of things to answer, don't you? XD Well, never mind, I can wait, I'm patient! n.n! Now for da question: Are you coming to the Day of the Dead this year? (Mexico, obviously) c: Somewhere I heard you like it! ;3 **Cough!*OokySpooky*Cough!** Ejem! (lol) So, plz tell us! Thanks! n.n PS: Oh! And by the way, a friend of mine and I are creating a comic (Zombie comic) and we used your "Style" (So to say, we just draw you and honestly we only changed your hair (hehe), but anyway xD) Just wanted to say that, maby when someone likes it and it's around internet, maby and just MABY you could read it if you want! ^w^. Please have a nice day! :D
Telandris March 28, 2012 @08:42 pm
Hello, Voltaire. Are you going to visit Russia someday?
Fenric March 28, 2012 @01:23 pm
Hi Voltaire Me and the werecubs would like to know if you are thinking about coming back to Britain anytime soon?? We Would like to get to see you live, as nothing is better than live! Hope you're keeping as insane as possible! much love the scottish werepack
Kaheliini March 28, 2012 @08:33 am
Hey, Voltaire, I have a question for you. Do you play videogames and if you do what kind of games? Greetings from Finland!
Skye March 27, 2012 @09:46 pm
When do you plan to come to Sydney Australia next.i hope it's very soon,p.s you are so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muertecita March 27, 2012 @09:30 pm
Bueno, la otra vez dijo que esperaba una pregunta en español así que pregunto: ¿Cómo le hace para mantenerse tan activo entre tantos Tours, impartiendo clases y haciendo sus proyectos personales?
Monkshot March 27, 2012 @08:39 pm
Do you hope that your child(s) be an songwritter like you? If i wrote something wrong so sorry im brazilian so i'm still training
peacemaker infinite March 26, 2012 @08:25 pm
Sorry not trying to be a pest but just thought of this after my first one. Have you ever thought of actually making plays out of any of your albums that play out as stories?
peacemaker infinite March 26, 2012 @08:17 pm
Random and irrelevant question, but Where is it you get your top hats?
fireflower March 26, 2012 @06:10 pm
I was wondering whether you considered buying your CD from another online seller, such as one on Amazon, stealing. It's a genuine copy of your CD, but the proceeds go to someone else.
dead March 26, 2012 @10:40 am
what do you think of darkness vs light do you see it the same as good vs evil
LigeiaResurrected March 25, 2012 @08:11 pm
I am asking this question as a musician and as a fan. I think your singing voice is AMAZING! What musical/vocal training have you had in your life?
Nataly March 22, 2012 @06:13 pm
Hola voltaire! Soy de Monterrey, México y quisiera saber, que te parecio la convencion y la ciudad?, piensas volver a Monterrey? espero que si, me encanto verte en la conve :D!! Te admiro *-* Saludos!
Webbster March 22, 2012 @12:09 pm
Hey Voltaire, I saw your video with Gopal Metro, but I still have a small question about music on the internet. I use Rhapsody to download music, and it's what I use to download your music, but I still buy your albums! However, I just wanted to know if Rhapsody compensates you for your music they allow people to listen to. I want to know because, if not, I don't want to use it anymore to listen to any album I don't already own.
Felix March 22, 2012 @11:41 am
Hi I was just wondering what was your inspiration behind the song "Underground" and what it means for you
beow21 March 21, 2012 @01:20 am
que películas y libros recomiendas leer? y piensas volver a monterrey para otra convención? seria genial
Treegona March 20, 2012 @09:19 am
in the unlikely event that you DO read this question (#322, I think) do you speak any languages other than English? if so, how fluent are you in said language?
Fabian March 19, 2012 @11:59 pm
Hola Voltaire estuve en tu presentación en la convención de cómics ayer en monterrey estuviste genial y debo preguntar que te pareció la convención y piensas volver de nuevo a monterrey? por cierto que pensarías si subtitulo tus canciones y las subo a youtube, ya que la verdad hay muy pocas sin mas que decir cuídate
Night Child March 19, 2012 @03:01 pm
Hey there handsome. ;D I have a suggestion really, rather than a question... You, know how people call their fans something in particular? Like a nickname kinda.... I think you should refer to us as " the Voltairians" :D
Lady Mortem March 19, 2012 @02:50 pm
Hello...I have two questions, if that's ok.First, where, if anywhere, can I upload art that I have been inspired to make due to your music? Also.... just curious.. what type of cologne is your favorite? :} (everyone is entitled one small creepy outburst, yes?) Take care.
Alejandro Ramirez March 19, 2012 @04:57 am
cuando regreses a monterrey sera de nuevo en la convension o por tu cuenta?
Adam the Hedgefox™ March 18, 2012 @11:00 pm
How can I convince alot of people your music isn't just about death and gore, because my family hates your music and doesn't understand it, I keep trying to convince them but they won't listen.
Mr.Rabbit March 18, 2012 @02:30 pm
Dear Sir~ I have fallen quite madly in love with your music over the past few years and I have a question which I am hoping you are able to answer it heh heh heh....and no it is not the usual when are you going to play in my neck of the woods blah blah blah...heh heh heh Any way You see I first discovered your amazingly hillarious macabre Music while watching my most adored of cartoons... and that of course would be The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I loved just simply loved the Brains episode and the Big Boogie Adventure where two of your most famous (in my opinion) song were proudly played...Brains and land of the dead Heh heh heh. Now enough of my insistant babbling and on to the questions. Which, if any other series would you consider letting use your works of genius to enhance their rworks of genius? And would you by any chance be willing to accept Fan art of you made with love from me? Sincerly your loyal fan Mr. Xander Rabbit P.S. I sir am actually a lady :) And you sir are the most handsome and talanted man on the face of this or any other planet in my strong opinion.
Josh March 18, 2012 @11:57 am
I'm really curious about the origins of Land of the Dead and Brains! Did you come up with Brains! and send it in? Did the show come to you? Who wrote the episode? if you could just explain the whole scenario, that'd be great.
Bladefighter324 March 18, 2012 @01:57 am
Hey Voltaire, I'm a player on AdventureQuest Worlds and I was wondering if by chance you could help me with the Doomwood Storyline, my character name is the one I used here (kinda obvious) it'd be very much appreciated. I'm a level 16 Warrior/Dragonslayer/Healer (Ranks = 10/7/4 (could possibly change in the next couple of days))
hellomoto March 17, 2012 @07:58 pm
how muck wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodcuck could chuck wood?
Cody Boillard March 17, 2012 @04:48 pm
Dear Voltaire, is it possible for you to do a full make up tutorial on youtube for I cannot find one and wish to have your awesome make up for halloween Sincerely, Cody Boillard aka Kingcobra1211
TeaWillRockYou March 17, 2012 @03:53 pm
You most likely have already gotten this question but whatever.... Have you ever thought of collaborating with Emilie Autumn or perhaps the two guys from Creature Feature? (Curtis Rx and Erik X) Because I'd love to see the music you guys would create together.
Crimck March 16, 2012 @12:34 am
Hello Voltaire! First of all, your work is amazing and I surely hope to see you live soon! (Well, since I live in Brazil I guess soon won't be so soon after all) Anyway, my question is rather simple: How can I buy a copy of To The Bottom of The Sea? I could only find digital versions... Is it sold out? Will there be new copies available any soon?
Dragoness/Dana S. March 13, 2012 @09:36 pm
I forgot to mention, I read your FB post on Gill. That's why I sent this! Just email me (or look it up) for the hospitals number. They are one of the top 3 in the world! <- random fact... just thought ya otta know!
Dragoness/Dana S. March 13, 2012 @09:30 pm
Intermountain heart in slc utah is tops. Uncle jim Revenaugh director there. Grandma had open heart sugery and was discharged 4 days later. AMAZING.
Dragoness March 13, 2012 @09:27 pm
Intermountain heart in slc utah is tops. Uncle jim Revenaugh director there. Grandma had open heart sugery and was discharged 4 days later. AMAZING. Dana
Harley Quinn87 March 13, 2012 @12:27 am
I love your music, and i know you are a Star Trek and Star Wars fan my husband LOVES USS make shit up. Have you ever thought of writing a Batman song. I ask only because he is the SHIT. Love your work cant wait to see you next time you come to Michigan.
Marcus March 10, 2012 @06:22 pm
Hey, what was I going to ask you? Please call if you know and while you're at it tell me if you like northern mythology will you?
Ligia March 10, 2012 @06:11 pm
Oh,and don't you ever cut your hair short and shave your beard,or I'll go to USA to kill you myself,haha...Jk. Anyways don't do any of this stuff,I love your long hair and beard.
Nëss March 10, 2012 @12:30 am
Hi Voltaire! I wanted to ask you, where do you find your inspiration to create all the marvelous and unique pieces of arts that you do? Thank you!
haunted_heidi March 09, 2012 @05:59 pm
greetings voltaire! my question to you is, what inspired you to create your characters deady and chi-chian?
Alexiel Morgenstern March 08, 2012 @07:30 pm
I am so sorry, but I cannot take you seriously with your hair tied back and the beard. Do you have any idea how much you look like Ezio Auditore, a la Assassin's Creed Revelations?
Ligia March 08, 2012 @02:44 pm
Hello. Well, I was just looking at your vlogs and some questions came to my mind: Is the lair at your house or just somewhere else? Do you get along with children or are you someone like me, that feels completely lost among them? Do you ever heard about a marvel character named X-23? She's Wolverine clone, raised in captivity,under torture, difficult training since she was a baby,you should read a comic book of hers or two I think you'll like it,and maybe you could write a song based on her? Do you know that you're just so freaking cool? Like,you're the coolest musician I've ever...Met's not the word 'cause we're miles away,huh,heard of? Well you are. PS: I was reading the Ask voltaire here and then,eventually read the one "can you help me get my grilfriend back?" I was just like...WHAT THE HELL?! He's a musician not a dating agency you idiots! hehe,and they say I'm the strange one. And don't feel alone,one day I was watching your vlog Ask Voltaire 2 and you said "I say all sorts of weird things"you're not the only one, dear one,you're not the only one
Ruth March 07, 2012 @01:05 pm
Have you ever found a way to pacify those people who make it thier buisness to punish you for being "an evil and hell bound soul put on this earth to taint the faithful"? Cheif culprets in my life right now are my down stairs neighbor who is trying to get me evicted because goth culture offends her for some reason but who seems to have no problem with the pot smokers and alcoholics who also live in the building. My born again christian sister who bombards me with threats of hell, tries to make me attend jesus camp weekends and cries when I quote any part of the bible that doesn't fit with her selective theology. And lastly the christian group at my university who for some reason belive that studying till the library closes, never getting too drunk to get home safely and refusing to drink anything that would strip paint are signs of a soul in distress and are determined to intervine in my life to "save" me. How do you get these people to go away and let you live your life?
Evan Demaree March 06, 2012 @08:22 pm
Voltaire. I envy you. My girlfriend is more interested in you than her boyfriend... understandably. Nevertheless, since you never play in or around Indiana (and in places for under twenty-one fans), won't you deliver me an autographed portrait??? I shall present this portrait to my beloved and receive copious amounts of embraces and kisses.
Natasha M. March 06, 2012 @06:01 pm
Dear Voltaire, we all loved you at Convergence in Minnesota (sci-fi/fantasy convention) but were all sad you could only be there one night. Do you think you'll ever come back?
Shalowginger March 06, 2012 @12:49 pm
Hey, i was wundering if you have a msn acc and if so could i add you, oh also hav you hurd about cannon p***s :D
Jesus March 04, 2012 @02:24 pm
Dear Voltaire: Is Cpt. Morgan your favorite alcoholic drink?? If the answer is yes how do you like drinking it??
Harrison March 04, 2012 @01:04 pm
Greetings Voltaire! A belated thank you for stopping by to see us Scots in Glasgow and for signing my top hat, I wear it very nearly every day! I wanted to ask if you have any plans to release your music with The Oddz for purchase or if it is already available where do I go to find it? Kind regards, Harrison Stroak Glasgow, Scotland
MrsB.A.T. March 04, 2012 @02:50 am
First, I absolutely adore your music! You are the only artist my husband and I agree on 100%, stay amazing! I noticed on your YouTube channel that you always link to iTunes and CDbaby.com. What about Amazon MP3 store and the like? Is there a reason Amazon is excluded?
Alexandre Maximillian Burgos March 03, 2012 @07:48 pm
Hi Voltaire, I'm a big fan from Pennsylvania/ New Jersey area. I love Goth and Punk culture and I've been hitting the books on how all these styles started. I want to read your 'What is Goth?' book but its out of print. I'm wondering if you would give me a very brief summary on the history of Goth culture! P.S. I hate New Jersey ://
Ilike69 March 01, 2012 @05:37 pm
Say something extremely impossibly awesomely cool
Aljaz March 01, 2012 @01:17 pm
Dear Votlaire, Firstly I have to say I'm one of your biggest fans in Slovenia. My question is, have you ever thought of making a musical or anything similar with your songs? The other day, I was listening to Cathouse Tragedy and I clearly pictured the whole scene in front of my eyes, that would make a really wonderful cabaret musical. Is there a possibility that We Voltaire fans will have a chance to see anything similar in the future? Thanks, Aljaz from Slovenia.
Frida February 29, 2012 @11:41 pm
The song "Born Bad" always makes me cry when I listen to it. What was the inspiration or perhaps meaning behind the song?
CrowVamp February 28, 2012 @07:54 pm
I have been experinceing so much backlash within the goth community agents Tim Burton latly. People have been espically hateful regurading his up coming re-make of Dark Shadows(I can't wait to see it). And while I may not like ever single movie he has ever made I still think of my self as a major fan of Mr. Burton. What are your thoughts on the works of Mr. Burton past and present? Since you are one of the most rational and articulate people I know, espically in the goth community, can you offer any words of advice or words of wisdom that might cool some heads? Thanks!
Dallas_T February 28, 2012 @03:08 pm
People here are asking for sheet music of your songs. Have you ever thought of putting out a sheet music or tab book? Oh. I like the Star Trek details you throw out. A Horda (Star Trek Original) in the Sexy Data Tango or Oo-mox(Star Trek Next Gen.) in the first video blog. I laughed at being nerdling enough to understand. Crit roll on an obscure knowledge check. The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth!!!
Anne February 27, 2012 @07:10 pm
Dear Voltaire, will there ever be string sheet music for your songs? (I sadly am not able to play the guitar, so I love your "How to Play..."-Videos, they are awesome!!, so I would love to accompany a guitar playing friend on my violin.) Thanks for answering and all the wonderful work! You amaze.
Captain Dinglehopper February 26, 2012 @08:36 pm
Voltaire, when will you come back to Chicago?! My best friend and I have been DYING to see you live since we were 16 and in the fall we'll both finally be old enough (21) to go to your shows! PLEASE come back! We absolutely love you! 8D
Shenanigans February 26, 2012 @01:20 pm
Would you ever consider playing at a fan's wedding?
Septimus February 25, 2012 @03:56 pm
Do you and your wife believe in the same religion? if not, then where did you 2 get married(church/Synagogue/mosque/some place you liked/etc.)?
François Malo February 25, 2012 @10:44 am
Hi Voltaire, first, may I say you really are one of the most inspiring artist around! 3 questions; First : On the code card with Urkor, is the cartoon character with you your lovely wife? You make a oh! so beautiful couple both in real life and in the cartoon universe! Wish you both the best! Second : Do you speak french? The way you pronounce "Café" and "Champs Élysés" is flawless! (It's either that or the great care you put into everything, as always!!!) Third: When and where can we order the anniversary edition of the Devil's Bris? I'd hate to miss on that!!! Take care!
Edmar Bernardi February 24, 2012 @09:54 pm
Do you like when people make rereadings of your songs?
Edmar Bernardi February 24, 2012 @09:52 pm
At the song God Thinks, what do you mean with "the women deserve it" I really didn't understand, when I sing it the people ask: - Deserve what?
gabrielle February 22, 2012 @11:31 am
Do you have the 2012 sexy zombie pin-up calender? I've seen pictures and it looks cool and sexy. :D If you haven't heard of it, go look it up! Zombies had never looked so good...
A Large Satan February 22, 2012 @09:44 am
If you were a fetish, which fetish would you be and why?
NecroBabyReaper February 18, 2012 @01:32 pm
Hey sir Voltaire, i was just pondering the idea- do you truly desire to have intercourse with something dead, if so would you like to join me in a delightfully demanted threesome? ... also my friend would like to know have you ever slept in a coffin?
Otome February 18, 2012 @11:37 am
What is your opinion on recieving fanart? Art is my passion, and I would absolutely love to draw something and send it to you.
Otome February 18, 2012 @11:33 am
What is your opinion on Emilie Autumn?
Craig Duncan February 16, 2012 @08:57 pm
I was wondering, how and where did you get your idea for Deady? Was there a few alternative designs before you settled with his look? Best Regards -Craig
Cereal February 15, 2012 @05:02 am
Are you shocked by the amount of Bronies that are also your fans? Also you have being ponified if you didn't already know...
Alicia (one of the Flint Vampire Ball Crowd) February 15, 2012 @04:33 am
Firstly, I absolutely love your art. I heard :let it go" at a particularly bad time, and it really helped me... uh... let it go . I would like to ask: Which writers (of any genre) truly inspired you, or sparked creativity? Was it a particular work, or the author in general? Thanks much.
lynx lord February 13, 2012 @07:42 pm
hey Voltaire, what's is your favourite hybrid music genre (example: techno-pop)?
Jesus February 12, 2012 @10:41 am
Hi Voltaire, this is Jesus!! :) You and Orville make a beautiful couple, are you planning to marry?
Vicki February 12, 2012 @07:49 am
This will probably seem really weird, but have you ever considered creating a stage musical from your music? I say this because every time I hear one of your songs, I can just see it being performed on a stage and everything I hear makes me want to find some way of seeing the music performed. It seems almost criminal that the beautiful spider webs of fairytales behind each song are not told in full. It's awesome that you can interpret them however, it's just something about the music that is itching to be put into a big mashed up, fucked up world and put on a stage.
Tina Pop February 11, 2012 @09:14 pm
I understand you're a fan of fine dining. Have you had a chance to experience any of Melbourne's wonderful foodie culture? If so, I would be interested to know where you tried & your thoughts. If not, would you like some recommendations? I'd also be interested to know what some of your favorite restaurants are both in NY and from your travels. I can already see a Lifestyle Food Channel show developing here.
lordrazi February 11, 2012 @07:16 pm
can u explain ur business model? cause when u came to Melbourne (hell yeah!!) the ticket cost 28$ and we had less then 70 ppl. airplane ticket alone for one man costs over 2000$.
Catherine February 11, 2012 @02:56 pm
Hi! Do you watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic? You may or may not know that this show is more popular among guys aged 13-25 than it is among little girls. The teen and adult fans of the show are called bronies. (Bro + pony.) I was wondering if you would consider writing some songs about MLP:FIM? Pretty please? Also, if you want some ideas to make them dark, creepy, and/or dirty, I'd say go check out some of the more infamous grimdark fanfictions like Cupcakes or Princess Molestia. These are NOT for the faint of heart but I think you can handle it. XD
DM9 February 10, 2012 @11:14 pm
Hello, Voltaire. Before I ask, I would just like to state that you have greatly inspired me, I truly appreciate your works of art, but before I get off topic, I'll go ahead and ask what I was going to ask... Do you have any plans to preform anywhere in Alabama? (If you have, I have missed it, likely) Also, have you ever considered creating your own telivision program?
An0n February 10, 2012 @12:32 am
why haven't you cut your hair in years. you look like Goth Jesus now.
Anna February 09, 2012 @09:31 pm
Do you accept hugs from fans? Not like in a creepy way or anything. I promise I'm not pedobear, or, the opposite I s'pose.
JuddLett February 09, 2012 @06:25 am
Hallo, Voltaire!! You are the most awesome musician in the world! I think, I am not the first, who asks you, but where do you take the "plots" for your songs? Are they biographical? or based on your imagination?
Yoreel Sniknej February 09, 2012 @04:42 am
Voltaire, you are a jack of all trades. Any tips for toy design and songwriting?
OddKitten February 08, 2012 @04:10 am
Hallo, Voltaire! I have such a question: have you ever been in Russia? If "yes", are you going to visit it once more? Especially my city Kamensk-Uralsky? If so, you are wellcome!!! We are crazy about you!!!
khrizz February 07, 2012 @10:00 pm
do you have songs in latin/spanish or any other language other than english? if so please give names
Austin Griffis February 06, 2012 @04:24 pm
How do you get back at an ex girlfriend who was colder then anything in this world? I really would like to hear your perspective.
lynx lord February 05, 2012 @10:09 pm
hey voltaire, I'm a talented writer who requires two things, talent for writing music as well as lyrics and stories (if you know any way to help me out there please tell me) and a publisher for my first book, where do I find one?
LadyJayne666 February 05, 2012 @07:29 am
Would you ever look into designing fashion? Lord knows we could do with some fresh blood in an alternative fashion design line, you seem like an ideal candidate for such a challenge.
Aitor February 04, 2012 @03:43 pm
when a tour on europe???
metallicasaw February 04, 2012 @01:22 am
why are you so awesome
Requiem February 03, 2012 @09:30 pm
What did you think of your support acts in Sydney on your last Australian Tour?
Evil Blob February 03, 2012 @05:34 pm
Do you have any advice to give to a young, introverted goth?
Ben U. February 03, 2012 @11:16 am
Howdy hey, let me start by apologizing for how long this will feel. I'm a member of Wheaton college's co-ed a capella group, the Blend, and a lot of us were interested in performing a cover of "Riding a Black Unicorn...". Now while we have a budget for purchasing the rights to music, I realized I had no idea where to find sheet music for your songs much less an all vocal arrangement. Is there any source for sheet music of your work? And while I'm asking, if you had the time would you ever consider making a musical? The idea of a "To the Bottom of the Sea" musical has been knocking around my head for ages.
Rocket February 02, 2012 @11:57 am
How do you pronounce "Aurelio"?
Rocket February 02, 2012 @11:47 am
How did you get the gig doing songs for Billy & Mandy? Did you contact them, did they contact you? How did that get started?
Liz February 01, 2012 @01:40 am
I haven't seen anyone ask you this question before, so I was wondering.... There's a song called 'If I Only Were A Goth' by ThouShaltNot, and I found there was a little bit of confusion surrounding this song. Many people are certain that you're the actual singer, or, that you did a version of this song. I was wondering if you have ever done a version of this song? If not... What do you think of this song / would you ever be interested in doing a cover of it? Thank you.
Jamie January 31, 2012 @10:35 pm
If a few fashion design majors happen to want to dress you...could we? You know, 'cause you're pretty and would actually be able to pull off the pretty gothy happiness we make.
Monkey4937 January 31, 2012 @06:27 pm
Dear Voltaire, How fun was it to appear on AdventureQuest Worlds for your first event And make all the servers crash almost at once with your music?
Voltaire's fan girl number 1. January 31, 2012 @11:20 am
Do you ever in your life gets to Denmark? or other of the northlands? [like norway, sweden..e.t.c] note: denmark is not a very big country, and not many had heard of you.. so maybe there is not so many, but i want to come xD
LollipopLover ;) January 29, 2012 @04:17 pm
why did you decide to grow out your hair?
Moa Grannas January 29, 2012 @09:42 am
Ahoy! Who's the girl singing in Stuck With You?? And how tall are you?? (Woah, that question made me feel like some creepy stalker). I promise, I'm not :) Take care!!
Ninjavambies January 29, 2012 @04:52 am
Voltaire what is it about you that makes me sing along to your songs in public no matter how horridly I sing?
Dannibear January 28, 2012 @05:58 pm
I have several mundane questions that probably won't get answered, but here goes: 1. What languages can you speak? 2. Is New Jersey really that bad? I've never been there so I don't know. 3. You are a terribly gorgeous man. How do you stay so good looking? 4. Can you say "Hi Dannibear, you are awesome!" for me? Just so I can die happy. :D
Josh Shaw January 28, 2012 @02:47 pm
Hi Good Morning, or evening depending on when you open this, I feel like I have to tell you this, I recently lost a friend who was in Afghanistan, he was serving with 5th Battalion The Rifles (British Army) his name was (Rifleman) Sheldon Lee Jordan Steel, and shortly after his repatriation back to the UK, I discovered your music. And since listening to your music it has helped me to cope, and for that I thank you, you've helped me trough a very dark time in my life. I am forever in your debt sir, Thank you very much, Josh
Slarevok January 28, 2012 @03:51 am
Greetings sir. I believe that some of my questions have been asked previously but I still have two for you, if I may. First of all, I live in the southern part of the states in what is known as "The Bible Belt" and I am having a very difficult time finding things of gothic, steampunk, and occult natures. Thus, I was wondering if you could recommend any places and/or websites for such things. Also, I am an aspiring writer and I was wondering if you would have any words of wisdom that you'd be willing to share. I thank you for the inspiration that you give and for the wonderful sounds that you produce. Take care and blessed be.
OhMyMeow January 28, 2012 @03:03 am
I listened to When You're Evil just a few minutes ago and I was surprised with how much arguing over one word was going on, so my question is; In the second verse and in the second line, do you say "I'm the pebble" or "I'm the devil"?
Wallshadow January 27, 2012 @02:37 pm
Do your songs have sheets for piano or keyboard? If so please post me a link. Thanks in advanced!
GrandAkama January 27, 2012 @02:34 pm
When you start wearing that Top Hat?
lapintalvi January 27, 2012 @07:19 am
Dear Voltaire! Have you ever been to Russia? If you haven't, would you like to visit this country? well. at least I think that there's no country which is as gothic as Russia ;)
Tom Alexander January 27, 2012 @04:13 am
Hey Voltaire, I was wondering where you get most of your inspiration for your music from? For songs like "Anastasia" and "Feathery Wings" are absolutely amazing, because they seem to be written with actual feeling... Is it also possible that you are able to do a How to Play on one of them? I'd love to perform one of them with a friend sometime. Thank You so much.
Aditax23 January 26, 2012 @09:15 pm
Hey Mr. voltaire, I'm Adriana, I LOVE UR MUSIC, i'm from Venezuela! :D LOL do u like it Venezuela? <.< that question is sooo stupid i know xD. so, my second (and serious) question is, i'm trompetist, where can i find the scores from your songs? thank you! :3
Tony January 26, 2012 @08:12 pm
Will you be uploading song meanings for your other albums and\or relase another album like Live
Yoreel Sniknej January 26, 2012 @05:08 pm
Voltaire, when will you come to Kansas City, Kansas?
Taylor Fox January 25, 2012 @06:56 pm
Voltaire, have you ever considered doing a cover of another artist's song, and if so, which one?
Matt Riccio January 25, 2012 @01:21 pm
Voltaire, your music has enspired to never change from my strange, demented, strange, outcast me and my friends happen to be. we are wanting to start a band we even wrote a few songs but we want to know where we can get signed
KatieScarlett January 24, 2012 @09:03 pm
Hey Voltaire, I am a major fan and I was wondering. How old do you have to be to get to see you live? I've heard that there is an age limit, but I don't know. Anyways, I love your style and I wish I had a place where I could get clothes like that...well I used to have a place but then I moved to the states, but thats beside the point.
Joana January 24, 2012 @03:46 pm
Do you do weddings? If you do what is your fee?
Kathryn Rose~ January 24, 2012 @01:14 am
On your recent album, "Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano while Drinking from a Chalice filled with the Laughter of Small Children" I noticed you listed the artist as "Aurelio Voltaire" instead of "Voltaire" like your previous albums. Why is that?
Paula N January 23, 2012 @11:12 pm
What advice can you give for an animator just starting out?
Keenan Smith January 23, 2012 @10:01 pm
what advice can you give to young 14-16 year old writers, besides the ominous read allot and write allot.
Dr. R January 23, 2012 @07:06 pm
Are you making new Pocket Goths?
Lyre bird January 23, 2012 @02:17 pm
Have you ever imagined about you make the Chi-Chian film in the EU not in the USA?
Chee Hoe January 23, 2012 @05:54 am
What will the name of your next album be called?
TheDuckWentOverTheMountain January 22, 2012 @06:56 pm
Hey Voltaire :) I love your music and I was wondering if you use standard tuning for your guitar or if you tune it differently? Thanks :D
TheDuckWentOverTheMountain January 22, 2012 @06:55 pm
Hey Voltaire :) I love your music and I was wondering if you use standard tuning for your guitar or if you tune it differently? Thanks :D
Jenny January 22, 2012 @03:38 pm
My husband and I love your music. When your evil is our ringback tone. It has freaked out Many members of our church and the people who call my cell phone number mistakenly because it is similar to a car dealership in our area. The poor old man who called this morning could not stop studdering and asking if I really was evil. When will more of your songs be available for ringback tones? My husband and I both want the unicorn song next. Thanks. (Yes, we are Christains.)
Digital Enigma January 22, 2012 @11:44 am
Will you be doing a christmas album that has original songs, new spins on classics, and stuff?
OnlyArabHereMaybe January 22, 2012 @10:19 am
Do you ever imagine yourself doing concerts in countries where it would totally be unexpected?
Lucciana January 22, 2012 @09:40 am
What's your favourite film from Miyazaki?
Caleb January 22, 2012 @09:36 am
In aqw; Do you play your own quests so you can say you did? Did you choose evil? Aaaaaaannnnddd.... Are you a suggestion shop junkie?
joseph January 22, 2012 @06:17 am
hi voltaire im joseph and im a fan of yours on adventure quest worlds my charactor happens to be bladez the dark i attended your last event in game where to stop the train and found out that deady is urkor malravenous but i like the songs you did i would like to see a song of your how to play on youtube of aqworlds song of yours day of the dead but not aqworlds version i like to hear it from your version
Lord Nocturnus January 22, 2012 @01:27 am
In your song Don't Go by the River you mentioned something called the "loup-garou". What exactly is the "loup-garou"?
Erik January 21, 2012 @09:42 pm
So what's with you and New Jersey?
Izabella Szarka January 21, 2012 @01:02 pm
Could you sing the National Anthem of Hungary please? I really love my homeland, but nowadays i feel a lot of country misunderstood us and i feel so sad about that fact. I want to give hope everyone in my country. Im sorry if my English language not so perfect, please ignore it.
Nobody Lost January 21, 2012 @12:45 pm
I've watched your music video "Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)" several times and, as of recently, started wondering when you may consider making another. Oddly enough, a possible music video that popped up in my mind is for the song "Mechanical Girl," in which, I imagined it all played out in a stop-motion style, like some of the commercials and short films on your website. All that said, my question is if you may consider making a new music video and, if so and if time permits, would you consider doing it in a stop-motion style?
Adori January 21, 2012 @11:51 am
Hey sir! when you come to Brazil? :D what's your favorite book? and your inspiration to be like.. like you, where does it come? i love your music, especially "This Sea"
A. Kvavi January 21, 2012 @11:09 am
Some of your songs have different languages in them. So, how many languages can you fluently speak?
Thundering Shadow January 21, 2012 @03:59 am
Other than death what things do you think about when birthing your beautiful creations? I'm glad that you do see each of your projects as children. I feel the same about my own work. What attracked you to steampunk?
Ben January 20, 2012 @07:36 pm
Can you tell us what the lyrics of El Barquito (Sin Mosquito) De Nuez translate to? I've tried using Google Translate, but it comes out weird lol.
Lunaaa January 20, 2012 @06:57 pm
I love that you're Hispanic. I am, too! But I'm not Cuban. So, my question is what are some of your favorite films and directors?
Caina January 20, 2012 @04:22 pm
What is your impression after working with Maxwell Atoms and his 'Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy'?
Fawndolyn January 20, 2012 @11:27 am
I asked this on fb a while back and just now realized I forgot to ask here too: Are you planning to noodle around with the Bomb New Jersey lyrics, now that Kim Jong-Il is gone? (also, when will people stop asking you when you're playing in their city??)
Lily January 20, 2012 @07:22 am
Will you please please please do an all ages show in Sydney? I'm only sixteen and I'm not allowed in unless you book somewhere that's not a licensed venue, but I would love to see you play here in February... If you even answer this before then :P
GoldPie11 January 19, 2012 @11:29 pm
What is the best song you wrote?
Zhivago January 19, 2012 @07:59 pm
I've been a fan of your music and have enjoyed many, many hours of it over the past few years but enough ass-kissing. I was wondering, of all the songs you've done over the years, which ones do you personally think would go on a "Best of Voltaire" album if one was ever created.
The Dark light January 19, 2012 @06:27 pm
when are you going to make more Chi-Chan web videos and are you going to make To the bottom of the sea a musical of any kind to me it just sounds like it has potential.
Dan917 January 19, 2012 @06:04 pm
Will you ever be writing a musical? and if so can i be in it, write it, direct it, or at least be your onstage water boy?
V January 19, 2012 @04:23 pm
I've always liked your rendition of "Shalom" I was wondering why you decided to do it because it always just seemed like an odd choice to me.
HunnyBunny January 19, 2012 @03:52 pm
I like scifi and love your Star Wars and Star Trek themed songs. How about writing a Dr. Who song? I understand asking you to watch Dr. Who for the sake of one song is a lot to ask, but maybe you could check out The Girl in the Fireplace episode before getting back to me. Please?
TheGothyguy January 19, 2012 @11:18 am
What is your relationship with Artix Entertainment?
Dexite January 19, 2012 @06:41 am
Sir, do you by chance have any idea what your upcoming album theme shall be? and if so, will that idea be released by the next friday the 13th live event with AQW?
Gabbymasquerade January 18, 2012 @10:36 pm
Random question: If you were to create an awkward online dating bio, what would you include? "Forget" to include?
Trevor D. January 18, 2012 @10:22 pm
How do you deal with the various jackasses throughout your career? From random, annoying people on the street who bash your music or you, to the people who openly lambast you on the internet or such? Do you simply ignore them? Or do you retaliate in some manner?
Nirvash_Archetype January 18, 2012 @09:24 pm
I sent you a message on your youtube page (Voltaire Music) I don't know if you ever read it or not. What I wanted to ask was, would you consider recording a song for the girl I told you about, if I supplied the lyrics? I've always wanted to do something special for her, and we're both fans of your music. (although I'm easily more zealous) Wait. Damn this question is getting way too long. And sudden curtail!
Chiaro Di Luna January 18, 2012 @07:17 pm
Hey I was wondering what you think about SOPA & PIPA ^_^
Morty January 18, 2012 @07:02 pm
Dear Voltaire, You are truly my hero. Your music has greatly influenced my life and I can't thank you enough for being awesome. I have a question for you. How did you come to start music? You've mentioned the cassette tape, but what's the beginning of the story?
DarknessReaper424 January 18, 2012 @07:02 pm
Hello Voltaire first off I just want to say I am a huge fan and I love your music and thank you for all you have done. Now to my question: What is your favourite band and what song?
Damian January 18, 2012 @06:40 pm
(I asked this in a youtube comment but never got a response...anyway...) I've always wondered: in "The Beast of Pirate's Bay" is the "Mighty Whale" mentioned in the song supposed to be Moby Dick? (I wonder this only because of the “With a harpoon in his dorsal fin and a hook stuck in his side" lyrics)
Kyle January 18, 2012 @02:38 pm
Did you get the idea for the cover of cave canem from a bottle of Captain Morgan???
VermilionSkye January 18, 2012 @01:40 pm
Do you enjoy stage shows? Ones such as Phantom of The Opera?
Francis January 18, 2012 @12:51 pm
Hey Voltaire! The next friday the 13th is in july what do you think you will do in aqw?
GEToverHereflufy January 18, 2012 @12:08 pm
Have you telled your parents that you are gay?
Kris January 18, 2012 @09:29 am
Hi Voltaire! What's your stance on the SOPA and PIPA acts?
Abdo Elgendy January 18, 2012 @09:19 am
Hey Voltaire :) , the song crusade ,I really love this song but i don't understand the meaning of it So if u plz can tell us the meaning of the song? :)
CrazyCat FelisVulpes January 18, 2012 @08:18 am
Helloz! If it's not too much of a problem, I have two questions to ask. 1. Me and my besty are big fans of your music, and when you said how the 'To The Bottom Of The Sea' album sounded like a musical, I couldn't help but notice too! I felt a little stupid for not noticing before. Anyways, my school does musicals each year, and students are allowed to submit plays they've written. Would you mind if me and my friend wrote a musical featuring some of your songs? 2. I saw someone on YouTube comment and ask this, and it got me intrigued too! So, for all the dragon lovers out there; Voltaire, what is your opinion on dragons? That's all! Thank yous! :3 (<- Kitty face. You must love the cats! >:0)
Artificial Obsidian January 17, 2012 @10:15 pm
I'm no fan of Star Trek, but I must have listened to Banned on Vulcan a zillion times by now. I can't stand country music, yet I really really like almost every song from Hate Lives in a Small Town. My question is this; how do you make your songs so amazing that people who normally wouldn't even look at them twice still love them?
Jallapeno January 17, 2012 @04:21 pm
Will you ever invade the UK again? We miss you... :'(
Captain Impossibility January 17, 2012 @02:54 pm
Do you think you'll ever make a christmas album? Every year around the holidays I find myself listening to the nightmare before christmas soundtrack and every year I think the same thought "It be awesome if Voltaire would release a goth christmas album." So will you ever make a gothic christmas album?
Clare Hart January 17, 2012 @06:10 am
Hello every one at the lair of voltaire, and you to Voltaire..... Now my questions is what made you want to be a part of AQworlds Friday the 13th series?
BladeEdge January 17, 2012 @05:54 am
G'day Voltaire and everyone in the Lair of Voltaire, I'm asking today to find out what made you want to be a part of AQWorlds most populer relaces Friday the 13th?
Jallapeno January 16, 2012 @12:56 pm
Are you ever going to make any more music videos? I've only ever found one :(
TheWhimsical Raven January 16, 2012 @12:48 am
What happened in regard with Emilie Autumn? Did she really flake on you? *On the Internet-heard you tried to collaborate with her-IDK if this is true or not.*
andrew serrano January 15, 2012 @11:05 pm
Voltaire do you enjoy when you work with aq worlds
Marcia Pastion January 15, 2012 @10:30 pm
I've become quite the wino lately. So I have been wondering exactly what kind you are drinking in your videos. Cheers, my dear. I'll see you sometime this year. (ew that rhymed)
Angelo January 15, 2012 @03:17 pm
Dear Voltaire I want to buy your new album but in my country none of the music stores sell it.What do you think I should do? Sincerely Angelo
Miss Strange Cookie January 14, 2012 @11:43 pm
What is the strangest dream you've ever had? The scariest?
Sarah January 14, 2012 @06:53 pm
When did you "discover" you were goth? Also how did your parents handle the news of you being goth?
Oufaze(pronounced as Ufaz) January 14, 2012 @03:51 pm
Hi Voltaire! I was wandering: may you tell us about your band? (For example: who are they, how did you and them came together, why usually they don't performing at shows with you?) BTW Love your music very very much! And shalom from Israel!
the true vampire January 14, 2012 @03:18 pm
I am out of romania and i want to ask if you would agre to doing a show in romania cuz we have a very big comuniti but kinda unorganized so i would like to ask if you would ever come here? And its eastern european like the ones in to the botom of the sea...and it matches its description
Zonagon January 14, 2012 @10:53 am
Whats the AE team like? How did they get you to do their Friday the 13th events with them?
William Bates January 14, 2012 @10:36 am
Voltaire, what tips do you have for singers in training and practicing their voice style? I myself have been told by voice trainers and others that I have a voice suited to a cabaret-ish style similar to yours. Do you have any specific tips for that style of singer on practicing and training?
Darryl January 14, 2012 @08:12 am
You mentioned before that you don't have sheet music for your songs which brings to questions to mind. (I'm currently trying to learn sheet music and finding it really hard O.o) One, How do you write your songs, do you write the lyrics first and the music after or the other way around? Two, How do you remember the music for the songs? Good memory or do you have a system to write it down and remember it?
Santeri January 14, 2012 @07:09 am
When did you contact to the makers of Adventure Quest Worlds for first time? Like how did they got an idea to invite YOU to their game? And by the way, YOU ARE AWSOME!!!
olly coe January 14, 2012 @06:07 am
hey there! hm, it would be a huge honour to have the questions in my mind answered by you, so i might aswell just post them. my questions are; 1) what do your friends call you, i mean, voltaire is an amazing name, but you DO have a first name, so do they call you that or Voltaire 2) Can i make you a cake if you come to "fusion club" in bournemouth? in your youtube thingy you said that i need to ask them and i did they said yeah just email you to see what you say? -please come XD- your the most awesome person in the universe, See ya! -0llie
Miss Strange Cookie January 14, 2012 @04:05 am
What do like dogs or cats? What's the craziest thing that you've said to a person? My family and I like to sit down and discuss our own funerals. We all would like to have our favorite music and foods at our funerals with everyone happy. Have you ever thought about how you would like to have your funeral? You do wonderfully amazing things. What is the one thing that you want people to remember about yourself?
Andrias_J_Lee January 13, 2012 @02:55 pm
if you had a choice which one would you be vampire or werewolf
evilturtle January 13, 2012 @01:17 pm
how did you grow your beard like that its so cool..
Manuel92 January 13, 2012 @03:06 am
Or Involve Rammstein in one of your songs?
Manuel92 January 13, 2012 @03:03 am
what made u want to create the song I Am Rammstein!
Natalie January 13, 2012 @02:22 am
Voltaire, I want to know kind of a more tender half of you than just 'Death death devil devil evil evil songs' ..which I adore BTW So My question is " Do you remember what it felt like finally meeting Mars? I mean your reaction to first seeing your own baby... were you scared? "
Varzin January 12, 2012 @10:56 pm
What is your favorite part of doing Adventure Quest Worlds events and why? How much input do you have with the Artix Entertainment team?
benywere January 12, 2012 @11:16 am
Hannah January 12, 2012 @07:02 am
Though I have HUNDREDS of questions for you, Voltaire, they're probably the extremely-clihe, already-asked-and-answered type, sadly. My question is actually for the wonderful clarinetist that played on Riding A Black Unicorn Down The Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with The Laughter of Small Children. Why did I write the entire, story-long title out? It was fun, that's why! But, my question for Ms. Reichman is if she has an advice for an aspiring clarinetist. She is an inspiration; she reminds me that there is room for clarinetist outside of orchestral music...-hopeful smile- Thank you, Sir Voltaire! I tip my hat to you! P.S are you aware that the CAPTCHA says "Coffin"? It's HORRIBLY epic!
Fishy January 12, 2012 @06:22 am
hello! i have only two questions for you. Are all goth people against marijuana? Is it because when you are high you cannot be sad enough to be goth? Btw im from Croatia, and here goth people are mostly called "darkers".
Sudo Giovanni January 11, 2012 @11:18 pm
why you dont make more videos? like "happy birthday my olde friend"
PinkTacoOfDoom January 11, 2012 @03:33 pm
Are there plans to make an action figure-like toy or sculpture of some sort of "Voltaire Riding a Black Unicorn"?
Voltaire's Follower January 10, 2012 @09:45 pm
What inspires you to make your songs.
Bon Bon Que Que January 10, 2012 @09:12 am
Is my name as awesome as it sounds?
Draco January 10, 2012 @12:44 am
What are the strangest foods you have ever eaten?
Nala January 09, 2012 @07:33 pm
In your song "To the bottom of the sea" is the cry in the background "For the horde!" a cheeky reference to World of Warcraft? Or, most likely, a reference to the line in the song?
Baku Shinigami January 09, 2012 @02:45 pm
You Recently explained the story behind to the bottom of the sea how many other of your Albums would you say have a story that gos along with the songs that are played? and would you do more videos like the to the bottom of the sea playlist and song meanings series of videos you did?
Abigail January 09, 2012 @02:08 pm
Konichiwa, Voltaire! I love the cello, the sound it makes, everything. I also have one. I tried taking lessons but I just can't read (much)sheet music, never could. On your newest CD "Riding a Black Unicorn..." I love the cello in "Innocent" and "When The Circus Came To Town" - I love the songs as well. I was wondering if, in your new "How To Play..." segments, you could include your bandmember who plays the cello for bits in those? I would be eternally grateful! Abigail/pengin-chan
Lord Llama January 09, 2012 @04:35 am
A few of your songs seem to have a strong Jewish influence in them, and it got me wondering about your religious background and beliefs. Could you talk a little bit about that?
LeShelby January 09, 2012 @12:14 am
Oh my dearest Voltaire, first i've been wondering if you've ever remotely thought of holding a competition in which people break glass with more glass. Due to a dream I had where that glorious occasion occurred. Also, do you ever get your own songs stuck in your head? Do you walk around muttering "Our female selection is not quite perfection."?
Smooshie January 08, 2012 @05:06 pm
have you ever had trouble getting an idea out in any of the things you do?
Morgan January 08, 2012 @03:38 pm
Are you still in possession of Pocket Goths, and is there any way I can get one?
Lauren January 08, 2012 @09:35 am
Voltaire, do you like musicals? Do you have a favourite, and if so, why? :) (Sorry for the silly question.)
Up and Coming January 08, 2012 @02:04 am
Hello Voltaire. I am an up and coming musician trying to get his start. I come to you seeking help for lyrical writing. Can you give me any advice to help me get better sounding lyrics? Thank you for your time.
Kieran @MoC January 08, 2012 @12:04 am
Greetings :) Basically I'm a singer (I refuse to call myself a "Musician or Songwriter as I don't consider myself to be at that level) for a band called Memories of Christiana (where prominently a heavy metal band) but were looking to do a ballad/love song and was wondering just how would you go about writing it on a personal level to really make a connection to the song lyrically? I ask you because you are one of the few musicians operating at this time who can really capture and set a mood or emotion for any type of song. Cheers K (and the rest of MoC for that matter)
Incessant January 07, 2012 @01:00 pm
Hello, Aurelio! It's absolutely great and caring of you to answer to fans' questions and keeping the communication going, you rock! But more to the point. In "Ask Voltaire part one" you responded to a question concerning your favorite authors and books by directing to this thread. Immediately did it compel me to anxiously gaze at what those could be. Stricken down by what I've read I couldn't help but ask this: what about "graveyard picnic"? Surely you wouldn't have written about Edgar Poe, mentioning several of his titles, without reading the writer? Or did you think that the question about favorite books implied just novels? Would love hearing from you, you are a great, great man! P.S. Please, honor Russia by coming here on tour, that would be stellar. P.S.S. Sorry for the mistakes, if there are any.
A curious customer January 07, 2012 @12:25 am
Quick question - would you be offended if I broke the black unicorn medal off from the medal attachment and made it into a necklace?
Jason January 06, 2012 @05:59 pm
Hey, you probably get this a lot, but can you write up a/post your tab or a chord chart for some of your songs (preferably Robber baron, if you only do a few)? Thanks!
Richard Smiley January 06, 2012 @05:24 pm
First of all, I would like to say... You are the god of awesome... Now to my question... Do you ever have creative blocks, and if so how do you deal with them? Thank you for your time, Voltaire.
Lacie January 06, 2012 @12:10 pm
Could i make a musical based on to the bottom sea, and using the music?
Riku Van Hellsing January 06, 2012 @12:22 am
I know people asked a lot of the same questions. Well this is more like a idea rather. "Why don't you make a song, that involves "Alice madness returns" me and all the other "Alice madness returns" candle are gathering enough money to get you down to Biloxi Mississippi. Thank you for reading. Riku Van Hellsing _---_ age 16
Jacqueline January 06, 2012 @12:13 am
I am always fascinated to hear the stories my dad tells about his life as a child in Cuba. What was your childhood like before you moved to The Asshole of the World, AKA New Jersey? PS. I’m also from NJ, so I feel your pain. PPS. Elizabeth, in fact and yes it does smell.
Daniel January 05, 2012 @08:57 pm
I was wondering if it would be possible for you to post a "How to Play Video" for some of your songs. I started playing guitar about two months ago and I'm a big fan of your music, so I figured it would never hurt to ask.
Angus January 05, 2012 @05:49 pm
I was listening to Oh Lord, and thought if you think about all the sin evil, both moral and natural in the world, how do you cope with the idea of death? I mean with no loving divinity, the best we can hope for is just nothing, ourselves simply stop. Does the idea of death scare you i guess. That would have been easier to say. Anyways. Just wondering.
April Blue Hair January 05, 2012 @05:30 pm
Howdy Mr. Voltaire, Have you ever considered making a Ballet out of the storys of your songs?...e.g. zombie prostitute, a man dressed like you (unless you wanted to do the danceing yourself) & a lady dressed as the zombie danceing out the story.
Ruki January 04, 2012 @08:31 pm
hey voltaire i d like to ask you do you listen to Jrock music ( japanese rock music ) ? in your ask voltaire episode 1 you talked about buck tick a japenese rock band ( which i suppose you know ) so do you listen to any other ? :)
Gabriela January 04, 2012 @07:16 pm
What do you find most attractive about a goth girl? And what are your favorite books?
Jackenstein January 04, 2012 @07:12 pm
Who would win in a cage match : David Bowie or Iggy Pop?
Rosiee B January 04, 2012 @05:31 pm
Which do you enjoy more: creating or performing your work?
Amelia January 04, 2012 @03:17 pm
You are an awesome story teller. The stories you tell between your songs when you play live are interesting, varied, and fun to listen to. Have you ever thought about narrating an audio book?
Mio-Raem January 04, 2012 @01:19 pm
Hey Voltaire! I Live in the UK and I've been dying (literally) to see you perform live, I just found out you actually performed in the UK last November and was wondering if you will be doing it again this year? If you get a chance when you're in the UK next time could you please try and organize a gig at the HMV Forum in London, my friend is a manger there :) And finally, did you have a happy new year?
Armis January 04, 2012 @12:37 pm
How and why did the song "Hallo elskan min" get to be? And can you actually speak Icelandic?
Amelia January 04, 2012 @09:49 am
What are some of the weirdest things fans have had you sign? What are some of the coolest?
Captain January 04, 2012 @04:03 am
Dear voltaire, i was wondering how you can wash your white shirt with the red sleeves. Like everyone knows the red will make the shirt pink
Elsiiiiiiie January 03, 2012 @08:20 pm
When you take over the world, what will be your choice of governmental control? Communist? Monarch? Democracy? Gothitocracy? And what will be your way of punishing those who wear the color pink?
Aleeria January 03, 2012 @06:48 pm
Where can I get hold of your 'Banned on Vulcan' album? I've been snooping around for it but haven't had any luck, the songs on there were what introduced me to your music and I really want to buy it, not just listen to it on youtube.
Ann January 03, 2012 @12:55 pm
Dear Voltaire! Is it possible to buy/order some of your books and toys in Ukraine? (It's too distant country so I can only enjoy your music) But anyway, I enjoy it. Thank you.
DrummerZero626 January 03, 2012 @11:53 am
Would You Ever Work On A Project With Jhonen Vasquez?
Ben (Spooky Thing Here) January 03, 2012 @11:36 am
Hello, Voltaire! I live in Dayton and would just like to express my gratitude for coming to Ohio so much. Y'see, not many bands like coming around here that often, so it is always a treat to get to see an artist that I love, let alone three times - yes, I have seen you perform three times, every time in the convenient location of Columbus. So my question is: What is it about Columbus that makes you like it so much?
Marionette-chan January 03, 2012 @11:11 am
Hello Voltaire~ It's my very good pleasure meet you! I was out shopping one day and so wore the first outfit that came to hand, frills and lace and that, nothing elaborate. Just a blouse, a simple skirt and plain waistcoat and some ill-educated girl, quite randomly, took a photograph of me as I was walking! Not a single word, just a simple smirk and she was off! What would you do in a situation like that, or how you would react to any ill-informed member of the public at all? I mean, I do my best not to react as much as I can but, it does grow rather tiresome. Much obliged~ Thanks for your help! Yours, Marionette-chan
Lilly Peppermint January 03, 2012 @06:12 am
What is you favourite colour? Also, do you/ have you had any pets in your house? Lilly
Friendly Neighborhood Corvid January 03, 2012 @06:01 am
With apologies for asking something I'm sure you've been asked countless times before, I've been wondering - are you Jewish? A lot of your songs contain jokes about or references to Judaism, so I've wondered for a while. I read somewhere on Youtube that "Voltaire isn't Jewish, he's Cuban" - but of course the two are by no means mutually exclusive. Also, I just wanted to add that when my brother got married, I was one of the two best men, and my sister-in-law arranged for the opening of When You're Evil to be played as I walked up (down?) the aisle. This almost made me fall over laughing. Thanks for all the years of great music.
Heizen January 03, 2012 @03:35 am
Will your new album be put up on i tunes and if so when?
Meter Purphy January 03, 2012 @03:13 am
You've said that you visit certain cities multiple times a year. I live in one of the cities (Seattle), and I was wondering: what makes you want to go to the expense of visiting a city multiple times a year? What do you think makes for a satisfying show from the performer's standpoint?
Waggadoodle January 03, 2012 @03:08 am
Have you made your own website? its real pretty...and gloomy....and gothic.....so i love it ^^ big fan
Dead Angel January 03, 2012 @02:36 am
Hello Dear Voltaire. I'm just a nobody, so I don't really expect this to be answered. Or read, for that matter. But, I've always wanted at least the chance to whisper to you across the miles, and maybe find out. I completely understand what goth is about. It's not about death, or hating the world, or hating life. It's simply about understanding that life isn't perfect. But, what you have done, what you still do, is you take all the pain and sorrow in life, and you put it to music in songs like Feathery Wings, Where's the Girl, Almost Human, The Chosen, Innocent, so many. Listening to the words of these songs, hurtful as they can be at times, is almost a type of catharsis. A cleansing of the heart and soul, if you will. Was writing these songs, pouring these lyrics out, was it a cleaning of wounds, for you?
Dreydra January 03, 2012 @02:21 am
Hello You said that you don`t like reading. But why there are some behind your friend Gopal Metro (I mean your recent video). How so? (and sorry for my English if I made mistakes)
Rina Raizel January 02, 2012 @11:59 pm
Hello Mr. Voltaire, Umm, I would like to say that your music brings a smile to my face and a happiness to my heart, and the next time you play in NYC I'll be there as fast as the blasted subway permits me to be. Anyway, your music has many influences, part of the reason I love it so much, but why did you start putting Eastern European folk into your music? Do you like listening to different types of Folk music? Oh, and have you heard of Gogol Bordello? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, I am quite inquisitive. Thank you and have a nice day, Rina.
Master Alucard January 02, 2012 @10:02 pm
Would you ever have another guitar player accompany you? I'm a guitarist and I think it would be pretty awesome to jam with you....even tho I'm a complete stranger.....o,....,O
Master Alucard January 02, 2012 @10:01 pm
Would you ever have another guitar player accompany you? I'm a guitarist and I think it would be pretty awesome to jam with you.
Lucas Pinheiro January 02, 2012 @09:46 pm
Do you have plans to write a song book or to make your song's tabs and chords avaiable on your website?
Luana Amanajás January 02, 2012 @09:43 pm
Voltaire, what do you know about brazilian music?
Joshua Hatcher January 02, 2012 @09:32 pm
I wanted to know Voltaire, did you have alot of drama with people your age growing up? Especially other musicians? Namely other guitarist? I get alot of flak for thinking the way I do about music and that I feel that music theory and technicality only get you so far that you have to have heart and imagination as well. Alot of people think I'm an arrogant asshole for saying that for some reason. I personally don't care I see myself as more of a confident person but alot of people think I'm really arrogant and cocky. Did you get bombarded with stupid crap like that when you were learning the six string ?
Lucas Pinheiro January 02, 2012 @09:28 pm
Do you have any plans to visit South America for some shows in the future?
Rowan January 02, 2012 @08:07 pm
Any advice for depression? I've had some old woulds open up recently, and I wanna know what you would do.
Biscuits January 02, 2012 @08:05 pm
What do you think of Repo! The Genetic Opera?
Tyler Sweat January 02, 2012 @08:03 pm
Hey Voltaire, I have been putting a lot of thought recently into becoming a photographer / stop motion artist. I was wondering if you had any tips about creating stop motion films such as equipment and models. Thanks!
Jess January 02, 2012 @08:02 pm
Hi V, two questions, firstly I am a young guitarist and songwriter, and my songs arent that great. I know you will have had more experience but can you give me any tips? I love all of your music! Secondly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a book of guitar chords and tabs, I am begging you! There are no decent ones on the internet and I'm really annoyed with it, so it would be a massive help as I want to do one of your songs for the talent show next year! Please! PLEASE! Love, J <3<3
wishfire January 02, 2012 @11:56 am
What is "Feathery Wings" about?
Lithik January 02, 2012 @07:19 am
Greetings Voltaire, two questions! First of all, would you be able to pull some strings and get some of your more famous songs transcribed into Guitar Pro? I myself would love covering or atleast seeing your song setup, as you're probably my biggest or second biggest inspiration. tl;dr: would you be able to get some of your songs written into GuitarPro files? ^^ And that other question; Do you know of Dr. Steel? If so, what's your opinion on him? Keep being one of the most awesome people in the world.
Artemis January 02, 2012 @12:02 am
Think fast: Kirk? Or Picard? Also, would you happen to be a fan of the late guitarist Jim Croce? I only ask because you quoted from one of his songs in "Oh My Goth".
Lucero Xerami January 01, 2012 @08:40 pm
Dear Voltaie: You were an inspirition for me in a personal level, so I want to ask you this. I want to be wirter and it would be an honor if you let me put your name in my dedicatories and gratitudes. So can I?
Eric_Stacy January 01, 2012 @07:19 pm
How many women besides your current wife have you had "relations" with?
Leo The Strange January 01, 2012 @04:45 pm
Hi Voltaire do you have any plans on making any more Deady comics ?
Lucy Strange January 01, 2012 @05:21 am
Voltaire, your music has made many people, bullied or not, get throught many difficult times and find joy in life. I count myself as one of them.. But the question is: How does that make you feel? Do you feel like you've accomplished something in your career?
HalfMaskMan January 01, 2012 @04:45 am
Can you make a list of music that shaped you as you grew up including commercials, cartoons, garage bands, or what ever the everybody else wanted you to listen (pop fans *cough*)
Riddler94 January 01, 2012 @02:37 am
Have you ever been to Central Europe, not only during the tour, also privately, and if so, do you consider visiting Poland? P.S. I know my English sucks, so I hope you understand what I meant.
DarkMark3 December 31, 2011 @11:34 pm
I saw this question in the comments on the first episode of "Ask Voltaire, and decided to repost it here; "Dare I ask why Orville's seen Voltaire naked?"
ollie coe -megaollietron- December 31, 2011 @10:56 pm
hey there my good friend! hm, it would be a huge honour to have the questions in my mind answered by you, so i might aswell just post them. my questions are; 1) what do your friends call you, i mean, voltaire is an amazing name, but you DO have a first name, so do they call you that or Voltaire 2) Can i make you a cake if you come to "fusion club" in bournemouth? in your youtube thingy you said that i need to ask them and i did they said yeah just email you to see what you say? -please come XD- your the most awesome person in the universe, See ya! -0llie
Ashley December 31, 2011 @08:00 pm
Being a hardcore atheist, my favorite songs of yours are the ones in which you bash religion. I never wanted to assume anything so for the longest time I've been wanting to ask you about your actual beliefs and philosophies. Please oh sexy, dark one, what do you live your life by?
Elisiamarie December 31, 2011 @07:43 pm
Have you always been the dark, mysterious, and macabre loving person you are now?
Caileth December 31, 2011 @06:34 pm
Due to your multitude of talents and the fact I'll be soon shoving off to the land of paid education, I'm curious to know where did you went to college and what did you major in?
Xakk December 31, 2011 @06:21 pm
Would you ever consider recording an album with me? (an underground artist who will probably never get noticed in his life..)
Alice Ishida December 31, 2011 @04:54 pm
Hey Voltaire, I know you're a big fan of Tom Waits and I was wondering if you ever thought about covering one of his songs. You should totally sing "Alice." I'll love you forever if you do! :]
Knightley December 31, 2011 @12:02 pm
Will you ever play a concert in sweden, or in any nordic city? If no, you'll hve to answer to what kind of drug you take to be such a mighty evil genius
Klein December 31, 2011 @07:14 am
Hello Voltaire! I just watched your "Ask Voltaire Episode 1" and I was wondering about something. Behind you, on that red background, I think I also see a two-headed black eagle. Am I right? The reason I am asking this question is because I'm Albanian and that totally looks like our country flag: A red background with a two-headed black eagle in it. Happy New Year!
CupcakeChaos December 30, 2011 @06:57 pm
Hello Mr sexy manbeast...erm...I mean Voltaire *ahem* This is a bit of a multi part question. If a fan designs a garment or accessory they would like you to wear or makes one for you, would you wear it (if it was good)? If so, where would they send it? Is it ok to post a picture of the item to your facebook page for your approval first?
Usulama December 30, 2011 @06:43 pm
How can so much genius fit into such a little head
gunther December 30, 2011 @06:32 pm
where did you get your clothes? sorry for my inglish and greeting from mexico
Mikaela December 30, 2011 @05:16 pm
Will you go to prom with me? If you claim to be under 21, my school might perhaps allow it maybe.
Gojko December 30, 2011 @04:54 pm
You should give us a tour of THE LAIR....Wait, that was not a question!... Can you give us a tour of THE LAIR?
JonPatrickProvins December 30, 2011 @04:45 pm
Do you still have the black unicorn? If not, where did it go? Did you have sex with it or did it die a virgin?
JonPatrickProvins December 30, 2011 @04:44 pm
Do you still have the black unicorn? If not, where did it go? Did you have sex with it or did it die a virgin?
Bri Starr December 30, 2011 @03:46 pm
What is the greatest thing a fan as ever done for or made for you?
Zonagon December 30, 2011 @02:33 pm
What is the AE team like? Are you going to be in their Friday the 13th events in 2012?
Shiore December 30, 2011 @02:22 pm
Aside from dark, strange and goth stuff do you have other interests?
Lizzzalelf December 30, 2011 @01:58 pm
Hi! I've got even two questions) The first one: while answering one of the questions, you said that for you to come to some town, there should be someone who can host a person like you (if I got you right). The question is - what's the list of things that you need to come? I mean, what do you require for your coming and performing? And the second question is - What is the most unusual country you would like to visit while touring?
Sarah December 30, 2011 @09:56 am
I shall come up with a question somehow, but first I have to say you made my decade in SLC at Area 51 in 2011 when you randomly hugged me while This Way to the Egress was playing. XD Whoever yelled "lucky" behind me was spot-on. Anyway, a question. What was the inspiration/story behind "Feathery Wings?" It's my favorite song and almost always makes me cry. Thank you!
JustAnotherAustrianGuy December 30, 2011 @06:13 am
Dideth thou e'er be blessed by sweetin' gift o' do speakin' shakespear's wayn?
Saijegu December 30, 2011 @06:00 am
You wrote a song about "Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)" celebration, so... from where that idea came out? I'm just a very curious mexican
BobbyGuthbert December 30, 2011 @05:26 am
Hey Voltaire :) I've noticed in your videos that you seem to have so much confidence, and well, I'm a stand up comedian with no confidence at all, my question is, have you always been confident? Or have you had to teach yourself to be, if so, how did you do it? OH! And please come to Perth, Austarlia :D Thanks.
Toea December 30, 2011 @05:06 am
Do you have any kind of deal with the place you usually link to (cdbaby or somebody) or is it just because they have your music?
madlycan December 30, 2011 @04:44 am
sorry if it sounds silly but can you balance things on your nose? I have to know,°°.
Jei Fae December 30, 2011 @04:41 am
What is the deepest, dirtiest secret you have, that you never thought you'd share and now strangely decide to share with me and all your fans...? xoxo ^__^
Nina December 30, 2011 @03:41 am
Carrying on from Lucie, can we get sheet music for any of your songs at all?
Mike B December 30, 2011 @02:35 am
Have you ever considered writing a musical?
Xanatos December 30, 2011 @02:04 am
Where do you get those sweeth gothic threads from?
Zain December 30, 2011 @02:00 am
Hey Voltaire, with all the projects you do, how do you deal with setbacks? In other words, whats your motivation when things get tough?
Arkham December 30, 2011 @12:24 am
Who are your favorite mainstream musicians at the moment? and what's your opinion in Arcade Fire winning a Grammy and the rise of Indie Rock?
IloveyouAdamStroud December 29, 2011 @10:57 pm
Are you going to make a song meanings video on the Devils Bris, If not could you tell me what the song "The Chosen" Means to you.
C.A. Bryers December 29, 2011 @10:42 pm
One thing I've been eager to see for some time is a Voltaire Live DVD, particularly since I haven't been able to catch you on tour. This last tour (with a full backing band) would have been a golden opportunity. Do you have any plans for something like this? Even another live album, perhaps?
Eats Sunshine Poops Rainbows December 29, 2011 @10:01 pm
Hello,Voltaire~!Aside from Don't Go By The River(which was great live at Anne Rices ball),has New Orleans,as a city inspired any of your other songs?
Matthew Hocking December 29, 2011 @09:33 pm
Is Orville Deadenbacher a distant relation of Achmed the Dead Terrorist?
Vizzini December 29, 2011 @08:22 pm
Where do you find your awesome hats?
Anon7096 December 29, 2011 @07:14 pm
Where exactly did Orville come from? Also, hypothetically, if someone were to lose one sock, should he throw away the other?
THe raggedy Doctor December 29, 2011 @06:54 pm
Can I get a puppy? Seriously tough, whats your opinion on Jonathan Coulton
Fiddlesticks December 29, 2011 @06:41 pm
This is just my nature to ask since I'm so obsessed with them but do you play any video games old, new, or in between?
Katherine December 29, 2011 @06:28 pm
Hello Voltaire! :) Just a quick question...What is your favored festival to play at? As in do you prefer to perform at Whitby goth weekend instead of Dragoncon etc. And why? Thank you for your time :)
Sara94 December 29, 2011 @06:19 pm
Hello Voltaire. I'd really love to go to one of your concerts but the problem is I live in Germany. Will you ever come to Germany and give concerts?You would make your little fans very happy. And another question: Me and my friend are in this little acoustic band and we make music.Could you give us an advice how to become more popular like how to promote our band?It would be really awesome if you could help us out. Thank you so much. P.S.: I so love you and your music. You are a great source of inspiration! :)
Lena Synn December 29, 2011 @06:16 pm
Hi Voltaire, have you ever watched foamy the squirrel and what is your favorite episode?
anthony December 29, 2011 @06:05 pm
If you were goin.g to cut a guys hair in your 06 dragoncon hotel room, what size buffer would you use?
Kosenrune December 29, 2011 @05:28 pm
I was wondering, sir Voltaire, how do you((you in specific)) memorize lines? Song lines, play lines, just, lines in general. You see I plan on going into the acting business, but I have a hard time memorizing lines. And I heard memorizing lines to sing on stage are some of the hardest to memorize. Thank you for reading.
Froman December 29, 2011 @04:50 pm
Do you have any tips for a young cartoonist?I've had a fairly large group of characters for about 6 years now,and I want to know what you think I should do.If you answer this,thank you for your time.
Iori December 29, 2011 @04:40 pm
what was your inspiration for writing Crusade? i love the song a lot but its so different from your usual songs. And are you gonna release new videos of your songs like "happy birthday old friend"?
Edarricus December 29, 2011 @03:43 pm
What will you do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning?
SAMCRO December 29, 2011 @03:41 pm
Do you remember the kid you and your wife "adopted" at the pit in Jacksonville, FL on October 1st 2011?
Jhonathan P Bailey December 29, 2011 @03:23 pm
Do you believe that the cake is indeed a lie?
flametheskull December 29, 2011 @03:06 pm
Why are people so afraid of gothic people and make fun of them?
Monir December 29, 2011 @03:05 pm
Hi Voltaire! Why do you think farts are funny?... Also, ¿sabías que eres muy guapo? (:
Megan Moon December 29, 2011 @02:46 pm
Why is it that I can't stop listening to your music and when I'm not (which is VERY rare) I can't get them out of my head? Your music makes me laugh and sometimes cry (Innocent is one of them) and for that I thank you.
Sinsario December 29, 2011 @02:35 pm
How much time in a day do you spend grooming your beard?
Sky Waulking December 29, 2011 @02:32 pm
Where in the world do you ship your products? (toys, comics, books, T-shirts)
Marichan December 29, 2011 @02:31 pm
Dear Voltaire, where do you draw inspiration from, when designing toys? For example: how did Deady's concept come to you? Fun fact: the CAPTCHA below said "dabliss was" ..da bliss was. ..good for bliss. it's become bling, too, apparently.
Ryan Wolbers December 29, 2011 @02:30 pm
May I ask what is your opinion on dragons?
demonwolf202 December 29, 2011 @02:24 pm
Voltaire, what kind of sub genre of steampunk do you consider yourself? gothic, fashion, manners, ect?
Makka December 29, 2011 @01:56 pm
I'm looking forward to knowing the answer to the question Brad posted, since I've been wondering the same (and because I am Japanese major, hehe). I want to ask a question another question, though. If I'm not mistaken, you were born in Cuba and you even have that cute song (that my two year old loves) in Spanish (El barquito de nuez). Do you speak any Spanish? Also, do you in any way feel linked to that heritage? Say, food you ate or cultural traits that you can relate to, etc. Thank you.
Liviu December 29, 2011 @01:48 pm
What brand of cigars do you smoke? :D
Weird Alex December 29, 2011 @01:46 pm
Have you ever thought of making a rock album? Also, could you give any advice on how an aspiring vocalist/singer could get noticed in the music industry?
Musset Papillion December 29, 2011 @01:42 pm
Greeting Voltaire; I hope this doesn't sound too odd for your taste, but I've seen a lot of questions and comments regarding your work (music, videos, art, etc..), but I haven't seen much about your daily routine. SO my main question is: what are some food items that you favor over others? Thank you for your time, M.P
Kat December 29, 2011 @01:34 pm
What inspired your music?
LadySeraph December 29, 2011 @01:30 pm
How did you come to be so multi-talented, incredibly funny, and extremely good looking?
Dark Thyme December 29, 2011 @01:28 pm
I can not write music, but I do have songs I wrote that I would like music written to. So far none of the local artists can help me. I am starting to wonder if my songs are just not that good. Any advice?
Mr. Macaw December 29, 2011 @01:21 pm
I am a Goth in Southwestern part of Florida, and I have been constantly been troubled with finding a place to purchase clothing and accessories for a hardcore Gothic attire. Hot Topic has become a colorful mainstream that no longer appeals to the underground subculture and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction, whether it be a website(s) or a location or maybe ways to customize common clothing for a more darker image. Thank you for reading this message.
GG Biafra December 29, 2011 @01:21 pm
Okay so this might be a very over-asked question so I apologize in advance, but I've been trying to learn Brains on guitar since 2003, may I have some assistance please? Perhaps in a video guitar walkthrough?
Brad & Caitlyn December 29, 2011 @01:16 pm
Hi again, Voltaire. What is your fascination with Japanese language and culture? Two of my favourite songs of yours feature Japanese: The Happy Song, which has only a couple of lines, and, most prominently, Ringo No Uta (or, "Apple's Song"). Of course you also have tongue-in-cheek references, "I think I slept with half the population of Japan" :p Anyways,I've been studying Japanese with a private tutor from Nagoya for half a year now, and so I feel compelled to ask, how fluent are you with Japanese? Have you spent a lot of time there? I'd like to make my first visit over within a couple of years -- is there anywhere you'd particularly recommend? Toodles for now, - Brad
Joshua Schwartz December 29, 2011 @01:13 pm
Voltaire, What advice can you offer to an artist in the Goth (or any of the eight million sub genres) community who is looking to get more into the public eye? Being that you dabble in a little bit of everything, seems you're the man to ask this kind of question to! The Voltaire is wise, the Voltaire knows.
Marius December 29, 2011 @01:09 pm
Are you planning to make another video of one your songs like "Happy Birthday my olde friend"?
Allan.A December 29, 2011 @01:04 pm
hello Voltaire, what made you learn the guitar and start singing the music you do today. and Will you someday come to belfast for a show?
Skai Awesome Sauce December 29, 2011 @12:49 pm
Have you ever watched any British TV shows, like, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Torchwood, Primevil? What'd you think? Oh, and what are your thoughts on Harry Potter?
Don December 29, 2011 @12:40 pm
Do you play any sort of video games on your spare time?
LeDuc December 29, 2011 @12:40 pm
so what is the story behind that most amazing hat of yours, and how Might I get one like it?
Charles December 29, 2011 @12:11 pm
do you ever listen to any metal, or is it just the kind of acoustic sound for you all the time?
Abdo Elgendy December 29, 2011 @12:02 pm
Voltaire!!! Will u ever ever come to Egypt?
Evil Roda December 29, 2011 @11:48 am
My friend and I got into an argument about this. Are you an atheist or a Buddhist?
Valyne December 29, 2011 @01:09 am
In 'Dont go by the River' on your youtube channel, you said we would never guess what was used to make the frog sounds... what did you use!? The mystery plagues me..
criss leon December 28, 2011 @05:01 pm
i love your music it makes me happy and i love to draw to your music thanks u for your music
william colmer December 26, 2011 @08:59 pm
are you going to or have you released tablature to your music specifically goodnight demonslayer?
Tóra December 22, 2011 @07:41 am
Do you watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? If not I highly recommend it, but if its not for you then that is fine too. Are we allowed to ask two? Well I was just wondering if you might one day come play at some obscure place like, oh I don't know, the Faroe Islands perhaps? It would be the most wonderful thing ever if it were to happen..
Lucie December 20, 2011 @09:45 am
Where can I buy the sheet music for your Land of the Dead? Thank you...
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