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As has become painfully obvious, I get very busy and never get around to answering many of the questions posted here. The reason why is mostly related to the fact that I'm VERY verbose and it's hard to type all of those words quickly. Hence, the blogs go unanswered. 

HOWEVER, that's all going to change, because starting next week, I will answer these questions ON VIDEO on my YOUTUBE PAGE!

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"When will you play in (Insert Latin American City)?"

I find it absolutely wonderful that so many people ask me,

"WHEN WILL YOU PLAY IN (insert name of a Latin American city here)?"

To date, I've only played in Mexico city. And let me tell you, I LOVE my shows there! Being Cuban I will not be shy when I tell you that Latinos know how to ROCK!!! and we know how to have fun! When I play in Mexico, I do most of my show in Spanish and I have an incredible time.  I would LOVE to play in other Latin American countries but I do lack the connections.  It's inevitable that I will play in Argentina soon because frankly, my wife is dying to go there! lol!  And I get a lot of fans asking me to play in Brazil. The trick is that I need PROMOTERS to want me to play there.  As soon as I start getting emails from promoters wanting to book me to play, I will play in every Latin American country I can!

And I will LOVE IT!

"Can we have a picture of you as a child?"

PizzaDeliveryGuy asks: "Can we have a picture of you as a child?"

"Who is your favorite author?" "Favorite books?"

Thanks for your question Herb, I get this one quite a bit. 

"Who is your favorite author?" "What are your favorite books?"

Avid readers such as yourself will be horrified by the answer!

Was there a second vocal track on Ex Lover's Lover

A fellow named Erik writes:

"Alright, this has bugged me since i first heard the song Ex lovers lover. Starting with the first chorus there seems to be a second voice with yours. Its kind of a deeper whisper in the background and is in all the choruses except the last. Was this a second vocal track? Just an echo? A second singer? Just a cool effect u felt like adding during editing? Did the devil himself sit in on that recording and felt like helping out?"

The answer is YES, there is a second vocal track and it is exactly as you describe it.  And yes, it was the DEVIL. That's right, the DEVIL himself sings back-up on my album. Just kidding. It's just me.  I thought that having a low, growled whisper in the background that was barely audible might add some menace to the track.  I also felt it might seem like it was the "inside voice" of the song's narrator, like he's hearing himself think these terrible things in his head.


"When will you play in (insert European city)?"

I find it extremely gratifying that so many people ask me,

"WHEN WILL YOU PLAY IN (insert name of a European city here)?"

...because frankly, 

"When will you play in (insert US city)?"

There is no question I get more often than,

"WHEN WILL YOU PLAY IN (insert name of a US city here)?"

The answer is simple...

"Will you help me get my girlfriend back?"

You would be just absolutely amazed at how many emails I get asking the question,


It's truly shocking, it is.  

"Can you email my friend?" "Can you call my friend?" "Can I propose at your show?"

Well, I just started this ASK VOLTAIRE column and already I've been inundated in questions. However, I thought it might make sense to start with a blog entry I posted on Myspace back in 2007 because it answers 4 hot-buttton questions.

"Can you email my friend?"

"Can you call my friend?"

"Can you sign something for my friend" and last but not least....

"Can I propose to my girlfriend during your show?"


For better or worse, I find myself answering a lot of questions on-line and through emails...mostly professional advice.  And I often get the same questions over and over again.  It seems to me it would be far more efficient, if these questions were asked in a public forum so that the answers could possibly help others.  So.... I'm starting a weekly "ASK VOLTAIRE" column right here. If you have a question about something I've done or about pretty much anything you feel I may be able to help with, ask it here. I will do my best to answer as many as I can. It may be one a week, or it may be more. The lines are now open so FIRE AWAY!


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